HBO Gives A New Voice To Girls


“All I am asking for is $1,100… a month… for the next 2 years.”

So it turns out, I am not the only one who proposed this plan to my parents, obviously to no avail. But hearing this line in a promo for the new HBO series “Girls” I was hooked. This along with a million other moments ranging from internship woes (Its going to turn into a job… I don’t know when) to communication heirarchies (“Facebook. Gchat. Texting. Email. Phone. Face to face is, of course, ideal, but it’s not of this time.”) and everything in between this show goes there in all the best ways.

“Girls” is strikingly honest about the struggle to live the dream. It follows the lives of four girls living life in New York post-college and experiencing the weird limbo not a girl but not yet a woman period. The experience of so many women in their early 20′s with a degree and now its time to be a “real” adult, figure it out and be independent but they don’t have the stability or the finances to actually do that.

“I have work. A dinner thing and then I’m busy trying to become who I am,” said the main character Hannah in response to her parents after they unveil they’re giving her a final push. They drop the bomb at dinner that they’re cutting her off fincancially. Later in the episode, her mom frustratingly says “Why don’t you get a job and start a blog…we’re not WAMU!” Sound familiar? Or is it perhaps your worse nightmare come to life? Either way, there’s something to connect to and relate to in each moment.

The girls live in Brooklyn (Greenpoint)– a plus. But as with many HBO series a bit of authenticity in terms of the diversity of the people on screen. Three episodes in and the show does not feature any women of color. Granted, not everyone’s friend set is a diverse cast of characters representative of the United States but walking down the street, at the office, at a gallery opening, there’s no one on screen that looks like anyone from my neighborhood.

That aside, “Girls” shows a side of living the dream and making it as young women in America that isn’t often portrayed. Dominating much of the conversation about this show is whether or not its the new Sex & the City. With four main characters navigating life, friendship, work and romance comparisons are inevitable. And “Girls” similarly has the potential to connect and speaks to a generation of women in a raw and uncut way that has not been done before. But its not glamourized, its awkward. Its not about looking for love, its about looking for a purpose. A NYTIME’s headline perhaps said it best “There’s Sex, There’s the City. but No Manolos.”

What are your thoughts on the new series?

You can watch a full episode online HERE.


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  • The show timing is perferct. The show will reach a great demographic of young women who can identifyl with the young women on the show. My only wish is that it was more diverse. Have not watched the entire show but what I have seen so far it fails to include young women of color.

    April 17, 2012

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