Gotta Go? Just Open Your Phone


I just found out about this GREAT website, that tells you where the nearest bathroom is and also how clean it is! So when you are shopping in the city, just go to and find the best place to relieve yourself.
excerpt from the DAILY NEWS
A new cell phone-based service promises to help desperate New Yorkers with no place to go – by finding them the closest, cleanest public rest room. works on cell phones with a built-in Web browser: Plug in any street address in Manhattan, and the nearest public toilets pop up on the screen.

“I came up with the idea when I was in a public library [rest room] and had a splitting headache within two minutes because it was so filthy,” said Peter Olfe, creator of Mizpee.

“I thought, ‘Boy, if I only knew where there was a place within walking distance that I could just walk into.’”

Mizpee rates the rest rooms for cleanliness on a scale of one to five toilet paper rolls – setting up an “honor roll” and a “wall of shame.”

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