Getting Paid By Getting Laid: The Fast Path to Fame?


Media’s infatuation with gold diggers and women who use men they sleep with to gain recognition paint negative images of women, all in the name of good gossip.

“How to Get Paid. The Girls’ Guide to Fame: Amber, Kim and Karrine — From Arm Candy to Boss Lady.” Yes, It reads like a typical how-to headline from the pages of popular women’s lifestyle magazines, but the meaning of the words aren’t so innocent. This is the cover story for the latest issue of the new gossip tabloid Juicy, serving as yet another media outlet adding to the out-of-control fame machines of women who use their sexuality as a stepping stone to fame.

Before the women’s rights movement, women had to rely on men for their livelihoods. They were property, objects and mere accessories to the men of the world. Often the only hope for them to make a name for themselves was to marry into wealth.

It’s hard to believe that in 2010, society still glorifies this path to success. The article in Juicy highlights the success stories of women who turned their status as a sidepiece or girlfriend into a profitable brand. Bringing light to the fact that Amber Rose can now sit front row at fashion week and reportedly earn around $20,000 per appearance, touting Karrine Steffans’ victory as a New York Times best-selling author and noting Kim Kardashian’s growing presence in media both in front of and behind the camera, these women are representatives of “the new Hollywood hustle.”

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