Fashion Meets Function- The iPad Case For The Stylish Girl On The Go

My BlackBerry is always in my hand, and if it wasn’t so heavy my MacBook would always be with me too. As a self declared tech geek, my heart skipped a beat when Apple announced the release of the iPad– but knowing Apple I knew it would be only a matter of time before the second version was released, thinner, faster and with extra features. So, I opted out of getting it at the moment of release, passed on the offer from the parentals to get it as a Christmas gift and waited for the day I knew was coming the release of the iPad2 and it came this past April, just in time for my birthday.
Of course, I ordered it right away and with the default smart case– which is pretty cool– but it’s also the default standard case everyone has. I wanted something a bit different and I’m not the kind of girl who likes to trap my gadgets inside of ugly clunky cases, but the M-Edge case is just the right fit between functional and fashionable.

The silver shiny outside with the decorative vintage crackled design draws the eye to it, and yet, unlike the typical smart case, when its closed, an outside observer not know that its an iPad. With all the attention one gets when they whip out one of these gadgets the case is the perfect way to be able to use your iPad in peace without peering eyes. The inside is of course filled with a soft protective material to prevent scratches etc. And, its very easy to flip it open and use the case as a stand and sit the iPad on a desk in an easel format and tap tap away, or watch a movie on Netflix.

Needless to say, I love my iPad and love the case by M-Edge. If you’re looking for a case that is functional and still has a unique flair then check out what M-Edge has to offer. The case I have is priced at 39.99 and its called the “Go Jacket.” If you’re feeling really ambitious you can even design your own case–so cute! And the good news is either way you go, you’re not likely to run into someone with the same case as you.


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