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I used to love the simplicity of Facebook. In fact on my own icon I still have the basic profile, the only thing I have added is the video application but nothing else. I get all these invites everyday for the craziest things. I don’t know about you guys but I have myspace for all that extra stuff, my facebook is there simply to keep in contact with people I really know and nothing more. But geez take a look at some of the newest applications set to hit a FaceBook profile near you. (This may be a tad nit disturbing).


By commingling user-supplied age data with measurements culled directly from users’ computers, Facebook can automatically alert friends of its youngest users of that very, very special moment in their lives: when they hit puberty. For example, Facebook can measure minute changes in skin humidity as members use the track pads on their laptops — so that, for instance, a boy who exhibits signs of sweaty palms when pictures of Miley Cyrus appear on his computer screen can be reasonably assumed to be undergoing hormonal changes. Facebook also monitors members’ voice chats and Skype conversations to gauge if their voices are cracking and/or moving up an octave and can analyze webcam streams for signs of acne.

“Many of us here at Facebook,” says a company veep, “only realized that our boyish founder Mark Zuckerberg was hitting puberty when our chief operating officer spotted him in the showers at our company gym this summer and noticed that he was finally growing hair down there. With Facebook PubertyTrak, our COO wouldn’t have had to look — and Mark wouldn’t have to endure the awkwardness of a colleague checking out his unit. The onset of puberty doesn’t have to be an embarrassment anymore. After a while, we believe that our users will fall in love with Facebook PubertyTrak.”

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