Events: Poet RIP MC Performing Live [Jan. 29th]

You might not have heard of RIP MC, but he’s mega talented and definitely worth checking out.  He has a show in the city next week.  All details can be found in the flyer above.  Read more if you want a sample of his creative mind.  I stole part of a poem of his from his tumblr page

Fame and Fortune

As an adult I now find myself in a world where everyone is an “artist” of some sort, but the idea or goal of these artists is not to create. It is fame, or fortune, or most times both. They create with the intention of making, or designing, or producing, or recording ‘that thing’ that will propel them to the hight of society.

People take gimmicks and run with them. Lego accessories designers. Skateboarder, weed smoking, skinny jean rappers. Black barbies. ‘Fashion week is my favorite Holiday of the year’, I’m America’s next top model (from brooklyn). Smh..

It seems that no one wants to be an actual person anymore.

It seems that in the age of technology. The world has become a desktop. and everyone wants to be an Icon.


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