Delta is the DEVIL


This entry is going to be really long, and I really don’t care if you read the whole thing. But I am so annoyed I had to post this. I am writing this entry from the airport. This is actually THE worst airport I have EVER been to in my life. I don’t know if I should blame the airport or the air line but both seem equally to blame right now. I fly back and forth a lot because I go away to school. Usually when I fly I fly through Laguardia. But this time I booked my tickets last nimute so I flew into LGA but had to fly back from JFK. And when this happened I didn’t think this was a big deal. But I had no idea what tragic experience was ahead.

So anyway. I am sitting on the plane right now and its 6 52. My flight was supposed to depart at 6 45. But at 6 45 I was still waiting by the check in desk to get a seat on the plane.

But let me rewind.

I came into the airport thinking I would go through the normal routine. I usually do curbside check in because sometimes you can get away with your bag being a bit overeight. (WRONG). Apparently JFK really takes that weight stuff seriously. My bag was 58 pounds and so I had to take stuff out of my bag or else I would have to pay $80. So my mom pulls out one of those huge steve madden shopping bags and I took all my books out of the suitcase and put it in. I weighed my bag again- 47 pounds. And now my carry-on is like 10 pounds….

I didn’t think it was such a huge deal at the time…just a minor set back. So I go through security and all that. And follow the signs to my gate: gate 25.

I even stopped at starbucks’s…really I was on my way and didn’t think anything.

Got my coffee…and continued to follow the signs. Then I realize how HOT it was in the airport. Then I realized how heavy my bag was, and it did not have wheels. I had to carry all of my things across the entire airport. I came in near gate 1. Gate 25 was no where near where I checked in.

So, by the time I get to my gate I am annoyed, tired and sweating. To top it off, there are about 30 flights leaving from gate 25. The gate is packed. Literally people are sitting on the floor, every inch of space is filled by a person.

Of course, I was on the phone (wireless bluetooth of course so I could hold all my bags) complaining to my friend Camille about how horrible this airport was. I stood there and vented for a moment, to get back my composure before I found myself a seat. Because I definitely was not going to stand there for an hour after what I had been through.

I finally found a seat and even though I was sitting continued to grow more and more aggrevated. Announcements went off every 20 seconds. Random annoncements announcing flights, or calling passengers individually by name. But the stupidest part of that was the way they did it. The announcements occured so frequently that it was quite easy for one person to simply tune it out. It was almost impossible to make out what the announcers were saying in the first place since most of the time two announcements were going on at once. It was a comeplete mess.

Once my flight was finally called I had to stand to the side because I hadnlt requested a seat. I had to wait for everyone to board (and of course they were boarding 3 flights at once through the same gate) before I got my seat assignment. I receieved my assignment at exactly 6 42, 3 mins before my flight was supposed to take off.

Then to get to the plane I had to go down a long ramp and walk out onto the runway which had at least 5 different planes. Luckily I got on the right one, but once I got on we sat there for 45 minutes to wait for the plane to be able to pull off. The stewardess came around with snacks and water and I didn’t take any of it. I did NOT want anything that airline had to offer me, not even a bottle of water or even a napkin.

It definitely was not worth the $314 I paid for that flight.

Really? What are we paying for?

Well that’s my rant for today. Just keep this story in mind next time you book your flight. JFK/Delta sucks….


  • CaNNoN!

    smh…sounds like you had a really bad experience, but it happens sometimes…that’s one of the negatives about flying, plus you were flying out of “New York”, so you should’ve expected something crazy to happen!! lol j/k

    April 1, 2008
  • Tea

    thats just dumb! i feel your pain. air-ports are real a**holes!

    April 1, 2008
  • Nisey

    Damn that really sucks especially since I always fly through JFK and use Delta 95% of the time (the cookies are really good… ima a fatty). Ive had a friend who had a bad experience with Delta… they usually have been late taking off but i always arrive to my destination on time or sometimes even early!… I try to avoid checking bags AT ALL COST.. sorry you had such a bad experience and for the record I hate LGA! LoL

    April 3, 2008

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