Cute little college chick down there on a scholarship…..


I got a full tuition scholarship to my college, but I still have 10,000 dollars to pay for room and board and various other expenses so I have been bustin my butt in the college office everyday applying to a bunch of scholarship programs. I hope I get some of them because sending out and putting together all these applications is a lot of work!!

oh and I am HIGHLY upset about Kelis getting arrested! She was arrested for screaming racial slurs at some prostitutes in Miami who turned out to be under cover cops. After several warnings however she supposedly continued and friends had to hold her back. Nas was there and tried to convince the cops not to arrest her but they did. She posted the bail, or fine, Im not sure what it was and was released a few hours later. You can check out more details on this on
hmmm, it’s crazy what happens when people start shaving off their hair first Brittany and now Kelis.

I saw the new Married to the Mob Player jackets apart of the 2007 spring collection sold at about $285 each on Only 150 were made and they are sold at ALIFE, Colette (Paris) and HUF (SF). If anyone loves me and knows my birthday is coming up in April they would get this for me :)

for more info hit this link







Right now I am hard at work….writing as always. Me and the team. Kina is here I havent seen her in FOREVER. Her birthday was yesterday she is the BIG 20!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

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    which college? nyu?

    September 6, 2011

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