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Never going to design school or having any formal training, Nandy truly has a talent that comes as natural as breathing. For his 17th birthday he wanted a jacket. He drew it, and then he created it. Not even knowing how to work the sewing machine properly, he couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on, he just picked up a needle and thread and made his first jacket.
The reaction from his peers was astounding and overwhelming. He made the transition from cornball to cool and with this and there was wide support for his talent. He began taking orders left and right.

“I went to school and the kids went crazy.”

He further developed his talent under the wing of a local boutique owner and designer of Messiah clothing. After experiencing much frustration trying to learn from the local tailors, he came into the boutique with an open mind and willingness to work. He began working with Messiah and started selling his jeans in the store. It was there he got an even bigger local buzz and discovered greater possibilities of production and expansion on his trips to California.
Drawing upon inspiration from his environment he hopes his designs will transcend and be relatable to everyone.

“When I travel and see people from different places they all think they are so different but deep down they’re all the same kind of folks. So me seeing that I can help those people express their individuality and culture.”

This is just the beginning for Nandy. Thus far his jeans have been sold in local boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta. The name is spreading and he will never stop because fashion is a part of him.

“My whole life revolves around fashion. Within every aspect of life there’s fashion. From the house you live in to the car you drive the people you hang with the places you go it all caters to fashion because fashion is what u put on as clothing to represent you. It represents the person you are and your lifestyle.”


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    the new b’s just dropped im bout to get em right now…..forget about true’s bengi’s is the hottest thing in the streets, polocraig seh dat

    February 11, 2009
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    love it! love love love it!!!

    February 12, 2009

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