College Life Part 5: Sitting Pretty


I updated the blog today in between classes sitting in front of the library. It was like a perfect fall day today- very sunny, beautiful trees and everything. I had a busy morning, my classes don’t begin until 11:20 but I had to tie up a bunch of loose ends regarding classes for next semester and getting an interview for an article I am writing for the school paper. My deadline is 7pm tonight and I am in classes from 11 to 4 with hardly any breaks! So it will be a challenge. My article is on the Lupe Fiasco concert at my school on Saturday. (PICS and VIDEO from that coming in the NEXT POST).

For those of you in college: how is it? And for those looking at colleges are you totally stressed out!? Feel free to leave a comment with any questions/concerns regarding college and I will get back to you (leave your email). But do not contact me on myspace, I will reply faster if you leave me a comment here.Me and fellow POSSE member Mohammed! STOP SMOKING MAN!! Cigarettes kill!


  • Anonymous

    College is great. I am away at school in Cali and I am from Texas. The lifestyle here is way different than I am used to but I love it. I live in a dorm. My roommate and I are total opposites but we are cool. She is from Boston. I did not know anyone at my school. No one from my highschool came here. But I have an aunt who lives here and my cousin so that helped some. But there is always something to do and the work is actually interesting. College is great if u pick the right one for u.

    November 6, 2007
  • Anonymous

    I like college so far. The transition wasnt hard because my high school prepared me a lot. kids in high school should make sure to take challenging classes, dont take the easy route.

    November 9, 2007
  • Anonymous

    Do you have sororities there?

    November 14, 2007

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