College Life Part 3: My Addictions


Is anyone else addicted to this FUZE White Tea drink? It’s a good thing I am getting my source of vegetables from somewhere because I am sure not getting it from the chicken fingers, french fries and pizza I eat everyday. But this drink is addictive. I first had it last summer when I was in a program at NYU and they gave it out on the campus for FREE. GREAT marketing strategy because if that wasn’t free I probably would have never tried it. Now I pay $1.79 for it….

Well, back to writing this paper…I am on that library grind as you can see from the photo above.


  • admin

    Camille says:
    10:19 PM
    i dont appreciate you taking my sidekick to take a picture of this nonsense. and i was not even ready for that shot, i was sooo into doing my paper.

    September 6, 2011
  • admin

    NESHA says:
    11:36 PM
    ha ha….dont hate cuz you are not up on FUZE…

    September 6, 2011

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