CNN Democratic Debate In Cali


I support Obama and I want to see him make it all the way to November. I watched the debates tonight. I thought it wasn’t really the best one that I have seen. Obama especially did not really perform as well as he usually does. In my opinion, Clinton won…but Obama still has my vote. Clinton was making some really rude faces when Obama was talking which I did not appreciate, pay special attention to my second photo where Hillary is on the screen. Look at my face, I was not happy.

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  • JLa ; SiEMPRE DiVA

    OBAMA all the way….

    Clinton’s dirty politics, swiftboating & her all around scary and not so personable character will be her downfall

    she says it took a clinton to fix the 1st bush… but this is a NEW era.. and clintons presidency of lies.. including the 1998 forum which told him about Osama’s inmenent threat and he decided to ignore it.. didnt do much for us in the long run.. look at where we’re at..

    OBAMA ! synonymous with AMAZING CHANGE!

    February 2, 2008

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