Chris Brown’s Aunt Speaks Out


Finally! Someone from Chris’ family could not remain silent any longer.  If you keep up with the gossip blogs, you must have seen and heard the comments by Chris Brown’s former step dad Donnell Hawkins.  He is speaking to anyone and everyone to get his 15 minutes of fame off of this situation.  He is also denying that he was abusive to Chris Brown’s mother, which Chris spoke about in an interview with GIANT magazine.  It is extremely low of both him and also the media who continue to feed into these comments made by Hawkins.  It’s obvious he is just trying to get paid and will talk to whoever and say whatever is going to make him look good and Chris look bad.  It’s so unfortunate.

There still has not been any official word from either camp but Chris’ aunt could not deal with it anymore and she called into a radio station to speak her piece.  She became extremely emoitional calling the whole thing one sided and says that Chris is very hurt.  He wants to tell his side but for “political bull s**t” he can’t. 
Listen to what his aunt had to say:  HERE

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