Chris Brown: Singing Sensation


By: Rhonesha Byng
He has got it all, a hit song, girls screaming his name, and fame at just 16 years old. But despite all of this Chris Brown says he still misses being just a regular teenager.

“I miss it a lot, I love what I do but sometimes I miss just being a regular teenager and hanging out with my friends.”

Chris Brown’s life is anything but normal these days. His debut single from his self-titled album, “Run It”, is blazing the billboard charts. It is a hit that is constantly rotated on popular radio stations. His day is hectic, full of interviews, and performances.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet, I still feel like the regular Chris Brown I was before.”

His single “Run It” became a hit this summer. The first time Brown heard his song on the radio, he felt a rush of excitement. ”I was buggin’ out. I ran upstairs and I was like ‘Ma oh my god my song is on the radio!’”

Brown is proof that raw talent still has a chance at succeeding in the music industry. He is not connected with any type of music camp and he is exploding into the music world with a successful debut single and much anticipation for his debut album.
Brown first realized that he could sing when he was 11 years old and began taking it seriously when he was 13. “My dad worked at a gas station and some people came around asking about people that can sing. My dad told them about me.”

The people that came to the gas station recruiting talent were a production team in Virginia. The production team had connections with production teams in New York, and they passed on Brown’s demo to record companies in New York. After several offers, Brown was eventually signed to Jive Records.

It is truly a big change for this teen coming from the small town of Tappahannock Virginia, with a population of 2,000, to becoming a famous singer. But he is not letting it go to his head. “I still feel like the regular Chris Brown I was before all of this.”

Surprisingly one of the things that he misses from life before the record deal is high school. “Being a regular 16-year-old playing video games, I miss that a lot. I hate tutoring, I just miss being able to go to class and chill and being able to have that experience.”

Brown admits he is inexperienced as a performer. He had never performed before receiving his record deal. But watching this talented teen in action, gliding and dancing all over the stage while singing incredible vocals, you would never know. “At first I was a little bit nervous but I told myself I could do this.”

The video for his debut album “Run It” featuring Juelz Santanna, shows us Brown at a party and on the dance floor. He spots a girl and he is telling her to show him what she’s got. All his friends are at the party dancing and having fun.

From the dance floor to getting girls, his next single “Yo” is a soulful song displaying Brown’s irresistible and soulful vocals. In the song he sees a girl he wants and he is trying to get her attention but he doesn’t know her name so he just says “Yo, excuse me miss”, before she can get away.

Browns album includes songs discussing experiences with girls, being in love and just being a teenager. He has worked with hit producers Scott Storch, Underdogs, Andre and Vidal, Cool and Dre and Jazze Pha. He debuts his writing abilities on “Winner”, “Thank You”, and “Seen the Light”. A remix to “Run It” featuring Bow Wow is also featured on the album.

With songs like “Young Love”, in which he lets grown people know that teenagers can really be in love too, you may wonder if this 16-year-old has ever been in love or had his heart broken. “I have but that was way before the music thing. Some girls only want you for a moment, and then they just don’t want you anymore.” Brown currently does not have a girl in his life, but more than makes up for it with all the female fans he has.

Influenced by R&B and soul icons like Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson and Usher, Brown is surely following the right path. Up and coming singers can hardly escape comparisons to other singers. So, is Chris Brown the new Omarion? Should Usher watch out for his replacement? Brown says being compared to other young artists is great but he is not replacing anybody; he is making his own legacy.
“I want them to see me for me. I’m going to be myself. I’m hip-hop with a little bit of R&B soul.”

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