Check This Out: Jay-Z’s nephews

1 did an interview with Young Mel one of Jay’s nephews. Shout to Young Rah (also one of Jay’s nephews) for sending this to me. Keep Grinding y’all.

Here’s a little snippet of the interview: How did you come up with the label name, Natural Born Hustlaz Entertainment?

Young Mel: We don’t mean hustlin’ as in any illegal stuff. We just hustlin’. We get it any means necessary. Me and my two cousins came up [with the name] – me, Rah, and Spank. We were just up one night, chillin’. Me and Rah went through a bunch of names and N.B.H. just stuck. Who are the artists on this label?

Young Mel: It’s me, my two cousins- Spank and Young Rah, my homeboy J. Dot that I grew up with, A.K. and Sam Hook. I met A.K. at a pizza shop. My boy met her actually and she gave us a demo. We heard it and we just grabbed her up. And Sam, my homeboy Carl introduced us at my little cousin’s baby shower.

check them out on myspace:

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  • Anonymous

    wow u know them thats coooool

    November 16, 2007

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