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So, what’s this for?

Teen Vogue has this huge event for all the TeenVogue It Girls and Fashionistas across the country to talk about none other than Fashion 101. The event is called Fashion U, and I was a model for the Lycra Styling seminar. This seminar had four teams and four models (including myself). Each team was assigned a model and had to come up with a look using only the materials available on the rack they were assigned. All clothing in the entire seminar had some type of Lycra material in it. I had NO idea Lycra was so versatile! It’s in designer denim, Banana Republic Sweaters, shoes, tights, and even nail polish and mascara.

I think my team did a pretty good job styling me. Anyone who knows me knows that is definitely not MY style (at all) but it did make for a cute photo. Well TeenVogue has now begun the next step of the seminar which is to post the finished looks presented on the four models and have users vote on which is the best look. The best look will then get featured in TEEN VOGUE’s March ’09 issue.

There are a bunch of other features on the site, and things to vote for. Also you can find information on how one goes about becoming enrolled in FashionU

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