Charles is Moving In…oh NO!


Overnightmare Celebrity from jeff on Vimeo.

Yes, I am still alive, just settling into the groove of school (blog on that coming SOON!)

But check out this video (posted above) in the meantime. I found it quite amusing. Jeff has a nightmare that “Charles Hamilton the skinny little kid from Harlem who wears pink polo shirts who calls himself Sonic the Hedgehog who raps like he missed his ride on the short bus who obviously blackmailed Jimmy Ivine into giving him a recording contract at Interscope records….just became our roommate!” He continues on and there is a surprise at the end of the video. So yea watch it, you will laugh out loud, especially if you have been following Charles Hamilton the past few months (and if you read my blog you should have been!).

Also, download the mixtape “Death of a Mixtape rapper” via this link:

(This mixtape is being “officially” distributed through

The Hamiltilization process has begun. Charlie boy is releasing a different mixtape via a different blog site every week! Dope idea, and very buzz worthy, I wonder who thought of that one!? Kudos to whoever that was and Charles is really taking over these blogs. He really just wants everyone to understand what he’s about and the best way is of course through his music (and his blog). I don’t know if he is the Best Blogger Alive, or maybe I just don’t want to admit it. LOL Well, anyway DOWNLOAD the mixtape and check out this video explaining what The Hamilitization process is!

Man…what’s next!??? Oh yea, the
NESHAlization process. ha ha…working on that.


  • The Talented Mr. Hamilton

    MUST you swagger jack my online hypnosis project? lmpinkao

    September 2, 2008

    ha ha … dont worry I wont really name it that but its all the same thing!! lol

    September 5, 2008

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