Charles Hamilton: Windows Media Player Song


Charles Hamilton messages me this morning and is like “this is the best beat I’ve done in my life.” And I am like “your life!?.” He sends the beat and it plays automatically after downloading and for a second I thought something was wrong with my computer because I have a mac and macs don’t make windows sounds! So I realized it was the beat and I was like wow this is crazy! Then an hour later he sends me the finished track. It’s very dope, out the box, typical Charles Hamilton. He titled it Windows Media Player when he sent it to me but when he first sent it it was called “Shut the Game Down” so not sure which one is the name. Either name fits though the song is very catchy its stuck in my head! I am hearing windows sounds in my head all morning.

Download link:

preview the song–
Windows Media Player – Charles Hamilton

Let me know what you think!

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  • Anonymous

    i like this guy


    August 12, 2008

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