Charles Hamilton- The Pink Lavalamp: The Album Before The Album


And here it is. The completion of the Hamiltilizaion Process. It ends with the release of Charles’ first album (not endorsed by Interscope). This is the first album he ever recorded. Actually, most of these songs have been done for a couple of years already and he is putting it out now, for free, for the fans. It’s raw authentic music at its best.

Here is what Charles had to say about The Pink Lavalamp:

Every song on The Pink Lavalamp is based on truth. Its recording was between 2006 and 2007, aka the darkest period of my life. A lot of songs were recorded, but 15 made the final cut. It’s been finished about 2 years now, and it was made before the deal, before the buzz, before the attention. It got me the bidding war.

It’s my baby, if you will… lol

Recorded and mixed in the FDA studio, the release of The Pink Lavalamp is the original, raw recording.

The Pink Lavalamp to me is what The Bible is to Christians. Before people start flippin out, this album was the Genesis to where I am at today musically. Every song has a story, every song has a meaning. Every story in every song has every meaning.

When I said in an interview that I learned what I need to learn to be myself, I got feedback saying “He can’t know all that. He’s not even 21!” And though I understood that response, I know what I meant. All the hell I went through brought me to this time in my life. Nothing can really harm me now. Honestly, I am a little afraid as to how far ahead I might move creatively… but that comes with the territory. You can’t be afraid as
an artist. You don’t have to be an artist to do art. Your art is just living life. I’m just a musician, which means a lot more than just making music make sense. It’s about making the most out of the waves that form sound, and making it make sense to a timeless generation.

Every verse was a dialogue. Every hook was an interlude. Every song was a scene. Every project was an episode, and the program was…

The Hamiltonization Process.

And you have been Hamiltonized.

Check out the breakdown of every track on the album HERE

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