Charles Hamilton Crash Lands: Mixtape with DJ Skee


Okay so, just two days left until the mixtape with DJ Green Lantern drops (Outside Looking In), but surprisingly this mixtape with DJ Skee dropped on Sunday as sort of a preview to Wednesday’s release. According to Charles, the DJ Skee mixtape is more catered to the West Coast while the Green Lantern one is more for the east coast (southern mixtape coming soon!).

You can download Charles Hamilton’s mixtape with DJ Skee Crash Landed here:

Crash Landed mixtape: Charles Hamilton/DJ Skee (CLICK HERE)

Bonus: EXPAND THIS POST for an EXCLUSIVE convo with Charles Hamilton about all the new music and upcoming projects…also fine out why his opinion might get him into trouble…

aim convo:

NESHA: I didn’t know you were doing 2 mixtapes.

CHARLES HAMILTON: u got the link

NESHA: iight lol… thanks! postinggg noww

CHARLES HAMILTON: lol. Yep. Take a listen first my nigga. lol

NESHA: lol okayyyy downloadinggg

CHARLES HAMILTON: itz pretty much a leak of the Green Lantern tape, even tho the one wit Green got more exclusives

NESHA: yea, I’m looking @ the track listing– a lot of the same songs as the green lantern joint…

CHARLES HAMILTON: again… i’m just leakin sh1t. Cuz i still put out music on my own. And this is not even the first round of stuff.

CHARLES HAMILTON: I got one mixtape on the east. One on the west.

NESHA: What’s the one on the east and what’s the one on the west?

CHARLES HAMILTON: Green Lantern= east


CHARLES HAMILTON: so its serviced to 2 different coasts

NESHA: oooooooh okay.

CHARLES HAMILTON: so some songs we want to be heard on BOTH coasts. While others are exclusive. I got a south mixtape comin’ out too. Just a totally different feel.

NESHA: Oh, okay because EVERYone keeps talking about the Green Lantern one and its promoted hard body on your page…

NESHA: Sooo I thought that was IT.

CHARLES HAMILTON: lol yeah i kno

NESHA: Well I have herd most of these songs

CHARLES HAMILTON: yeah i kno. but it never ends. MAD music.

CHARLES HAMILTON: these are vault joints… hand picked, but vault… just as a warm up

CHARLES HAMILTON: you know I don’t like talking about a lot either. so…. just know that I’m not doing a lot of talking. Lol. just blogging

CHARLES HAMILTON: are you posting this?

NESHA: yea


CHARLES HAMILTON: shouts to the nigga that told me to get shelfed when I get a deal

CHARLES HAMILTON: i said what i had to say

NESHA: Don’t say that!

CHARLES HAMILTON: yeah…. shouts to you homie. keep doin ur thing

CHARLES HAMILTON: just kno that comment didn’t go unpunished

CHARLES HAMILTON: so we even…. if you reply, you reply… just kno u started it…

CHARLES HAMILTON: “After This, Shut Up”

CHARLES HAMILTON: no beef either…. just clarification

NESHA: Started what?…. There’s nothing to start

CHARLES HAMILTON: i’m not sayin YOU Nesha

NESHA: lol You can’t say stuff and then say “no beef” after it and its all good….lol

CHARLES HAMILTON: homie started it

NESHA: I know it’s not me.

CHARLES HAMILTON: nah. cuz beef = fists, guns, knives. clarification is just this is how i feel

CHARLES HAMILTON: In response to how you feel. Beef would be me sayin “suck my d1ck you faggot ass non rappin bastard! watch niggas body you when they see you!!!!’

CHARLES HAMILTON: Nah. That’s not me. I wouldn’t say that. I don’t like beef. I do have an opinion. My opinion might get me in trouble. But if it should come to beef, that’s something that you don’t get out of alive.

CHARLES HAMILTON: and on that note, post the convo, enjoy the mixtape… i’m out to the studio with (find out soon enough)…. lol much love Nesh

CHARLES HAMILTON has gone offline.

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