Jade Performs Beautiful Problems At The Knitting Factory [bonus]


Check out this bonus clip from the night Blind Benny performed at The Knitting Factory.  Their lead singer JADE performed one of her throwback songs from her first EP It’s My Heart, Cookie.  Watch as she performs “Beautiful Problems.”

I also had a quick chat with Shawn Lawrence James.  He’s the man with the plan that put the whole show together.  He’s known for putting on intimate shows with up and coming talent on the brink to breaking into the mainstream.  Watch to see what he had to say about how he discovers new music.

The next show is in a couple of weeks.  Details and link to buy tickets below.

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Interview: Poet Jasmine Mans On Criticism, Culture and Control

The general public knows poet Jasmine Mans from the viral hit poem “Nicki Minaj” — a poem Mans uploaded one day without anticipation of the world clicking play.  Not only did thousands of people click play after the piece went up, but they embedded it across multiple blog sites and tried to dissect it, analyze it, or blindly criticize it.  But to those who know the world of poetry and spoken word, you may know Jasmine as a stand out award winning poet from UrbanWordNYC, and featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices.  Her accomplishments stack quite high for a 20-year-old college sophomore, so after her performance at an Alpha event at DePauw University I sat down with her to get a bit more insight on her life and her work in her own words through candid conversation.  We chatted about how she started, how she’s dealing with the growing attention towards her and her work, and her plans for the future.

note: *Mans was 19 years old at the time of this interview and just turned 20 this week.
You can follow Jasmine on Twitter @KingJasmineMans

Kesed x Sprite


Check out Kesed in the Sprite commercial above. He’s definitely a fave of SocietyandStyle.com. Read on for more info on this commercial series from Sprite and the NBA.

Check out these new Sprite spots that showcase the art of Spoken Word with artists Marcus and Kessed from New York City. In each spot, the artists deliver messages meant to inspire great, creative performances from the soon-to-be-announced dunkers of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Visit www.nba.com/dunk and www.sprite.com for more information and fun activities, including creating your own highlight reel of your favorite dunks if all-time. NBA Slam Dunk Contest participants will be announced January 18!

Alone Again [short film]


alone again from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

Nunnie, is a young up and coming film maker. He rocks, literally, he’s part of a group of up and comers by the name of RSNY (Rockstar Society NY.) I have posted several of his videos before and will continue to keep you all updated on his work. Follow him: http://twitter.com/nunnie20

Young Society: Designer Wins Prestigious Competition


Saga Furs, the company recognized as the worldwide standard of quality in fur provides the fashion industry with the most versatile assortment of mink, fox and finnraccoon available. The company holds a yearly competition where young designers submit designs for a fur accessories collection.
Raeana Roberson, who was featured as a Rising Star on SocietyandStyle, was declared as one of the winners. In light of her win she feels great and is both proud and humbled by the win and what it means for her as an emerging designer.

(one of Raeana’s pieces from the competition)

“At times, theindustry that can be very unforgiving for up and coming talent. There are times when people will tell you they hate your work and you put your all into it. So to feel appreciated for something that I feel so passionate about is invigorating. It makes me want to continue to show people what I have to offer because if one out of ten people like it, I will continue to do it.”

Congratulations Raeana! She will be showing her pieces in Denmark and Hong Kong in the coming months.

Click HERE to view our past interview with her.
Click HERE to follow her on twitter.
She is also a featured blogger on HerAgenda.

Marty McFly: Lifestyle [download]


This artist is definitely NESHA approved. Just to remind you all who may be new to the blog, I have a track record of posting about up and coming artists way before the mainstream catches on. I do not post just anyone, they have to connect to me, they have to evoke a certain feeling in my gut when I hear them or see them perform.

And so, I present to you all Marty McFly, the first of many posts about him. This song The entitled “Lifestyle” is Marty’s new single off of “The Beautiful Things Create Lifestyle” EP Produced by Melo-X.

Release date is set early summer 2009. Click Here to Download.

Listen to more of his songs on Myspace HERE.

Interview MIGHT be coming soon. I need to see him perform first!

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