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Production duo, Austin Millz and KiStyles, better known as The Illustrators just added a new video of them producing a beat. Focused and really on their grind these dudes are the ones to watch, and they make it easy by uploading videos of their sessions on YouTube. Be on the look out for their new YouTube videos to get the behind the scenes on the latest artists they are working with.

It’s Mickey!


Okay okay it’s about time for me to catch you guys up on this Mickey music. The past few days he has released so much its incredible! Expand this post to get THE LEAK #31: Sublime (produced by Precize.) You guys remember he chose the concept for this track from YOU all the fans who emailed in. Congrats to the two winners.

Also, remember that track I posted — Incredible? Well, as of late several other rappers have spit on that same track and now we have an “incredible” series. Theophilus London, are amongst the rappers on these Incredible tracks….

All links to download are listed here! Just expand…and enjoy!

“Sublimes go undetected untill you look 4 em”

PRECIZE. A subliminal message is a message embedded in another medium, designed
to pass below the limits of perception. PRECIZE. These messages are
unrecognizable but in certain situations can affect the subconscious. PRECIZE.

Download the link below:

So The Leak #31 was created by 2 emailers. I combined both to make something
crazy. Congrats to Kyle Conarro and Ricardo Santiago. I thank both of you.

The Incredible Series (so far...there's more to come):Theophilus London Incredible--

AC -

Cory Gunz --

6th sense -- X--

Nakim- Incredible


Donny Goines

Oh yea, bonus addition: GFCnewyork & Garbege clothing present Vietnam vol. 2 the mixtape

Back again with another war filled cd, Garbege Clothing and GFCnewyork cametogether to release the anticipated Vietnam Vol. 2!

Featuring all the hottest, exclusive, upcoming signed and unsigned talent that'sout including Chester French, Kid Cudi,Theophilus London and hosted by the one and only Mickey Factz.

Garbege and GFCnewyork Presents... Vietnam Vol. 2

Download Link:

1. Mickey Factz- War (Prod By Precize)2. Mickey Factz- Mick Joy (Prod By N*E*R*D)3. Theophilus London - Sand Castles feat. Salonge (Prod By Machine Drum)4. Mickeylude5. Kid Cudi- Embrace The Martian (Prod By Crookers)6. Fresh Daily- Jump f. Jesse Boykins III (prod The Milkman)7. Chester French- She Loves Everybody (Prod By Chester French)8. Curtis Santiago- TKO9. Mickeylude II10. Mickey Factz- Rockin N Rollin Remix feat. The Cool Kids (ILLFONICS REMIX)11. Mickeylude III12. The Cool Kids- Oscar The Grouch (Prod By Chuck Inglish)13. FKi-  Clap Ya Hands (Prod By FKi)14. Nakim- I Get It In (Prod By The Runners)15. Smoke Dza- Go Getter feat. Nipsey Hustle16. Mickey Factz- Salute feat. Jesse Boykins III & Mz.Mimz (Prod By Chase N.Cashe)17. Melo X- XXX18. Jesse Boykins III- Sobriety (Prod By Jesse Boykins III)19. Jade- So Fresh20. Mickey Factz- Peace (Prod By Precize)


Harlem Live Alumni Event


(I stole this video from their blog! thanks HL)
The media program that I was in for a year HarlemLIVE, recently formed an alumni association. They had an event last week to bring all the alums up to speed on what was going on with the organization. It’s a non-profit organization so you know that means tight budgeting, but this year they re-organized the board of directors and recently gained about $125,000 in funding! It was amazing news and it was great re-connecting with everyone. I gained so much valuable experience in that program– I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to go into media.

Expand post for more photos

bonus video:

On The Web: Think.MTV.Com


The awareness and education side of MTV is presented through this site. Using their various resources and direct contact to millions of young people they have taken a step to upgrade their wite to Beta making it more captivating and filled with the most up to date useful informaiton. Here is a recent article I receieved on the site. Check it out, it’s a great tool to find something to get involved in.

The site will give young people a place to go to find information about getting involved and the tools to find and mobilize other people with similar interests, said Ian Rowe, VP of public affairs and strategic partnerships for MTV.
Young people will be able to get involved in issues and causes ranging from genocide in the Sudan to the need for a traffic light on a neighborhood street corner, Mr. Rowe said.
“Young people yearn to be recognized for the good work they’re doing,” said Mr. Rowe. The new site will become a platform for MTV’s current social campaign, such as its Choose or Lose vote efforts, its Break the Addiction Campaign to reduce oil consumption and It’s Your (Sex) Life safe-sex initiative.
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