Watch: Trailer for Jesse Boykins Documentary "Spot Dates"


Jesse Boykins III “Spot Dates” Trailer from Jesse Boykins III on Vimeo.

Jesse is on the road…a lot.  It’s part of his routine, and yet with each city comes a completely new and different experience, a new energy, a new crowd.  Her captures that in a series of videos he’ll be releasing highlighting three cities.  Check out the trailer for it.

He did not include London in the docu series but, I did catch him when he was out there.  Click HERE to watch my interview with him in London and some footage from that show.

What’s on TV?


It’s Tuesday and I am watching DIRT on FX and VH1′s show the Agency.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dirt, a show starring Courtney Cox. It’s about Lucy Spiller a bold and blunt editor of a tabloid magazine called DIRTNOW and everything that goes down in the mag behind the scenes, from getting a front page story, to how it affects her personal life. IT COMES ON TUESDAYS AT 10!
Also on The Agency which I just started watching, is a show about Wilhemena models. It’s a pretty cool show. On tonight’s episode this freakin girl almost turned down a chance to work with them. Her name was Robin and she is from ALABAMA. She said she likes Alabama better than NY and so the agents went down to Alabama to chase this girl down. Then, she said she MAY come up to work in the summer. Some people dont realize how lucky they are…
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