HerAgenda.com Interviews Tina Wells

HerAgenda.com launched the first in a series of interviews titled “A Peek Inside Her Agenda.”  In the series HerAgenda will feature different power women from across various industries who essentially embody the No one Ever Slows Her Agenda mentality through their career endeavors.  They took a chance on themselves, on their dream, on their skills and turned their passions into thriving careers.  The first in the series is entrepreneur and author Tina Wells who also just released her latest book this week “Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right.”  Its her first business book but its on an industry that she’s become an expert at through her work with her company Buzz Marketing Group.  
Check out a little snippet of the interview when you read more.  

What is a typical day like for you? 
Tina Wells: Depends on the day! Tuesday is my earliest start. I wake up at 4:45 (yes, I’m in bed by 9pm on Mondays!) and head to the gym. I train until 6, and then head home to get ready. By 7:30 (with Starbucks in hand), I head to my hairstylist’s salon. If I’m lucky and don’t do anything major to my hair (like color), I can be out of there by 9:30/10. While I’m under the dryer, though, I typically read all my morning news (every blog you can think of), check emails, and return calls.

By the time I hit my office I have a staff meeting, order lunch, and settle in for a day of calls and meetings. Occasionally I’ll head into NYC for dinner. I leave the office at 6, head home, cook dinner, and then proceed to watch a few hours of bad TV, write, and check emails until I head to bed.

How do you overcome doubt?
TW: Block it out. You just have to ignore it, or it’ll eat you alive.

Do you remember a moment where you had to prove yourself, not only to other people but to yourself?
TW: I honestly don’t. I think I was so naïve. I knew I was young, but I’ve always worked hard for what I want. I never made a conscious decision to work harder or prove myself. That was my strategy from day one – to just put everything into my company and see where it goes.

How do you feel your work is perceived as a female in our society?
TW: I hope people feel inspired. I’m just a normal girl who had a good idea, worked hard, and made it. I think for anyone to be successful, they need both the opportunity and the will. You can have one without the other and truly be successful.

What is something that women today still need to overcome?
TW: Our competitiveness with each other. We need to support each other. I’m so lucky to have the most supportive, wonderful group of female friends.

You can read the full piece on HerAgenda.com

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