New Balance Brings Exclusive Sneaker To Flagship Store


New Balance Brings A New Flavor To Its NYC Store from on Vimeo.

New Balance hosted an event to unveil an exclusive limited edition sneaker dubbed the Gradient Pack. The sneakers were only available for one night and a select group of tastemakers, influencers and customers were invited to be the select few to take them home.

*special thanks to Rob Lee for additional shooting.

naked hearts presents: a love affair


A few weeks ago, Naked Hearts hosted an intimate event to debut a short film titled A Love Affair, a film created to capture the essence of a Naked Hearts girl. The film, by AV Rockwell shows a young edgy girl on a typical day strolling through the streets of downtown NY and shows us the only guy who can capture her eye also rocks Naked Hearts. Yes, fellas, Naked Hearts is for the guys too–if you know how to rock em!

Read below for more on Naked Hearts and to check out photos from the event!

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Headphones For Multi-Tasking Music Lovers


If you take a look around, the train station, the city streets, and even on TV, almost everyone is rocking a pair of “on ear” headphones. But everyone wears the same brands. Dominating the market include brands like Beats By Dre, Sony, Bose, and Skull Candy. So, because I hate following trends and getting “what everyone else has” I decided to try out the new kid on the block– SOL headphones.

These headphones made such a drastic change in the sound they made me want to do the electric slide to “Otis” (Kanye/Jay-Z). SOL headphones minimize outside noise and create an intense and intimate sound experience.  I heard sounds, and instruments in songs I’d never heard before bringing the impact of the song to the next level.  The full sound almost made me forget I was walking down the streets of New York City. But at the same time, they proved to be the perfect tool to deliver the soundtrack sounds of my life, hand selected by my playlist, and put on blast only in my ears.

And, ironically SOL headphones stand for Soundtrack Of Life. Another cool feature of these headphones are their flexibility. You literally can detach the headphone buds, and the wires and interchange them for a different color, a different look, or a different sound. And the cherry on top?– they’re equipped with a music control piece and a microphone built into the wire.  Perhaps the whip-cream on top is the price– these amazingly functional and high quality headphones are only $99.   These clever headphones provide flexibility, fun functionality and affordability– a rarity when it comes to electronics.

SOL headphones are multi-functional and perfect for the multi-tasking type always on the go.  They are available at Best Buy and Apple locations nation wide. Visit for more information.

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WATCH: Rye Rye on Music, Fashion and Album


NESHA chats with Rye Rye about music, fashion and a bit about her upcoming album. Rye Rye is a new artist signed to M.I.A.’s label N.E.E.T. Recordings. The 20 year old rapper is also unofficially known as M.I.A.’s protege, evoking a similar out the box sound and style. What seperates this artist is her passion and integration of dance in her performances. Check out the video above as NESHA chats with the up and coming artist about everything she’s been up to, and what inspired her to be more confident in the unique way that she likes to dress.

BET Lens On Talent Finalist: Raeana Roberson


Designer RAEANA is a top 25 finalist in BET’s contest “Lens on Talent.”  The contest which previously only highlighted film makers now features three categories including music, dance and fashion. This summer, Raeana submitted the above video and received a call from the producers a few weeks later notifying her of her finalist status. If she wins, she will receive $10,000 to put towards her dream–pursuing her talent– and be featured in BET’s Lens on Talent special. All you have to do to make this a reality is vote!

To vote, visit and click “hot” under her video submission.

If you aren’t familiar with Raeana‘s work we have featured her milestones here before including being featured in the window at Saks Fifth Avenue, being sponsored by Saga Furs to show in Hong Kong and more. Check out the video and vote!

Triple L Society Opens Shop In Brooklyn


Lawrence E. Nurse, founder of the clothing line Triple L Society opened up his first physical store location in Brooklyn during Fashion Week in NY. The opening of the 69 Lafayette street location was an intimate affair with wine, a DJ and a mix of friends and co-workers coming in and out wishing Nurse well and checking out the space. We caught up with the designer and entrepreneur and asked him how it feels to have his own store after having mostly an online presence for years and what his plans are to get the word out.

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