Steve Stoute Talks Passion, Being Heard & “Tanning”


I only got the chance to attend one panel during influencer con NYC and I’m glad I did. Even though the organizers did have a live stream online, being IN the room while these talks are happening is another level experience.

The room I was in was one with Steve Stoute and Philip L. McKenzie, the founder of the influencer conference, in a conversation titled “The Tanning of America.” Though Stoute obviously was there to push his book, some gems were dropped including the importance of making sure you are heard, following through, and following your gut.

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SOCIETY: The Weight Of Possibility–Defining Millennials

photo from a past PPR at one of Posse’s partner schools. [courtesy C. Moore Photography]

From Disney dreams to recession stained realities, this generation grew up on happy endings and heroes, and grew into a less rosy reality.
Conforming, civility and the Great Depression defined The Silent Generation, while war and activism defined The Baby Boomers. While, the civil rights movement and the growth of new opportunities defined Generation X. But the defining issues of the Millennials didn’t seem quite crystal clear as a few Millennials debated back and forth about whether their generation has struggled enough.
“Yes we’re struggling, but what are we doing about it? We’re sitting here.” Light applause and a lot of mumbling met that statement as 18-year-old freshman Sandy Tran, stood up amongst 170 DePauw students in a small meeting room in the middle of Bradford Woods in Martinsville Indiana.
The Millennials, defined as those born after 1980 [81-2000], fall within the age range of 11 to 30. The first crop of Millennials turned 30 this year and as a flurry of articles and studies begin to take form about this generation, this Spring a slice of the DePauw University community came together at the annual Posse Plus Retreat (PPR) to map out their own definition of their generation.

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Reaching Your Potential


I know a lot of young people have big dreams. We dream of being the “next big __________” and make so many plans and imagine how the future will be. Speaking to our family and older people before us, we realize more and more, that they, like us, once had a big dream too. Yet, more than likely, they are not doing what they said they set out to do in life. So no matter how many people tell you, oh yea you will make it, or oh you are going to be great, there is a small doubt. What if…that doesn’t happen? It happened to others….so what makes me any different? Life is unexpected but continue to try your best to reach your potential…never be afraid.

The video below is a documentary exlporing just that. It is called Superstar created by Naiquan Green, who is a future superstar himself.

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