Mickey Factz: The Dark Phoenix ALPHA

While the world awaits the sun to rise to begin life, we await it to fall to become alive. The shadows is our solitude and catalyst for true art and thought. Amongst it, we are not damned nor idolized. Therefore we can only be true to ourselves. And from that, the world will eventually seek light and understanding.
 - The Dark Phoenix

After much anticipation, artist Mickey Factz released his EP/mixtape entitled Alpha.  Posted just hours ago it’s already receiving praise and rave reviews.  It’s the beginning of a new chapter, and a new year for Factz.  Click the link above to download.

The Road To The Achievement: Mickey Factz


This is episode one in what will be a series of videos documenting Mickey’s progression, growth and emerging impact. The Achievement is also the name of his upcoming album.

shout out to Steve-O the Director behind the vid

Mickey Factz- The Leak Volume 2: The Inspiraiton


So the leaks are finally all together for the second mixtape this time entitled “The Inspiration”

Download the mixtape for free…click HERE

Also Mickey is featured in the newest issue of XXL magazine. Congrats Mick!

Expand post for a track listing and to learn what inspired Mickey to create each of the tracks…

18. Overdose feat. Drake & Travis McCoy (Prod By. Omen)
19. Jumanji feat. Nakim, Nymesys, Charlie Clips, Smoke DZA, Curtains (Prod By.
H-Storm for Beatz Galaw Music Group)
20. Live Water feat. Lauryn Hill
21. Good Money (Prod By. 9th Wonder)
22. Naturally feat. Jade
23. Rockin N Rollin (Prod By. Precize)
24. 6 Letter Words (Prod By. Jet Audio)
25. Machine Gun
26. Rockin N Rollin Remix feat. The Cool Kids (ILLFONICS REMIX)
27. Incredible (Prod By. Sebastian)
28. Keep Moving feat. Fresh Daily
29. Africa feat. D’Anglelo
30. Keys Of Life
30. We Aint feat. Tanya Morgan (Prod By. AEON)
31. Sublime (Prod By. Precize)
32. Going Nowhere (Prod By. Precize)
33. The Rush feat. Smoke Dza (Prod By. Ibe)
34. The Inspiration (Prod By. Black Friday)
35. Swahililand feat Jesse Boykins & Cocoa Sarai
36. Pick Up The Bass Snippet (Prod By. Precize)

Here is the track listing with a “breakdown” of what inspired mick to create each song….

18 – Overdose on Life Feat Travis and Drake Prod By Omen

Inspiration: Drake’s verse, Success, Omen’s production.

Omen sent this beat and I was honestly perplexed. I didn’t write my verse till I heard Drake’s. I knew I had to step my shit up. And boy did I. Then I heard Travis verse. I was like Uh Oh. Then the hook came in… Game Over…

19 – Jumanji Feat Nakim, Nymesis, Charlie Clips, Smoke, Curtains Prod By H

Inspiration: Spirit of Competition

H made the beat and Steve-O initially wanted this to be a start off record to a rap crew named Jumanji. But due to schedules this was the only record we recorded. I rewrote my verse cause it was so much competition and pressure. Everybody killed.

20 – Live Water Feat Lauryn Hill

Inspiration: Lauryn’s words, Past relationship, H20, Love

I wrote this record about a special someone in my life at one point. I compared what we shared to the one thing every living organism needs to survive… Water. The outcome still has females dripping…

21 – Good Money Prod by 9th Wonder

Inspiration: The root of all evil, Steve-O

Alotta people don’t realize how lyrical I can get because I dropped The Supra Song. So initially Steve-O wanted me to rap over a Madlib beat. Nothing against it, but I aint like it. Then 9th Wonder sends over the beat. This was a record I felt needed to be heard by the people. I broke down different concepts of how the Almighty Dollar is interpreted.

22 – Naturally Feat Jade

Inspiration: Jazz, My song Automatic

Whitebone found this Jazz sample one day. I heard it and said Wow, I’d love Jade to sing over this. So I arranged for her to sing over it and me to rap over it. The outcome was crazy. It also gave awareness to Jade.

23 – Rockin N Rollin Prod by Precize

Inspiration: Lyricism

This record was created by accident. Precize stumbled upon the beat. Me and Steve-O came up with the hook on the spot. I freestyled to it on Youtube in a Suede Blazer and look where its taken me. Ha!

24 – 6 Letter Word Prod by Jet Audio

Inspiration: Racism, Nas’s album title, Steve-O

Steve-O says one day, “We need to stop saying the word: N*gga.” I was like word, I don’t say it anyway. He said well write a song about it and let the people know your true feelings on it. I did and that’s how that song came about. I feel I got my point across with it.

25 – Machine Gun Ft Portishead

Inspiration: Violence in the world, Pain, Steve-O

When I heard the beat I was fucked up. When I heard the first verse I was more fucked up. When I read the title, I was sold. I decided to take the lives of 3 people and show how Machine Guns shaped their worlds. I had the first verse written then Steve-O said come back and write about George Bush Jr being a Machine Gun. Crazy… Alotta people love this song.

26 – Rockin N Rollin Remix Feat The Cool Kids Prod by IllFonics

Inspiration: Rock & Roll, The Cool Kids, IllFonics

The IllFonics felt we needed a lil more edge to the already popular song. They took it and went crazy. I still listen to it and make the ugly face. Lol.

27 – Incredible

Inspiration: A milli, Lyricism

Wow. I wrote the song heading to Virginia. It was supposed to be Leak 25. It was supposed to have Nicki Minaj on it with me. It was supposed to be Sebastians big break record in the States. Instead I turned it into the underground ‘Amilli’.

28 – Keep Moving Ft Fresh Daily

Inspiration: Jazz, Lyricism, Fresh Daily

I saw Fresh Daily perform this at Knitting Factory and I was like Word?!?!. The beat was crazy. It fit into what I was doing. His flow was crazy. So I reached out to Consequence to get on it. No avail. Reached out to Talib. No avail. But it was perfect with me and Fresh. That’s Whitebone acting a fool in the beginning.

29 – Africa Ft D’angelo

Inspiration: The motherland, D’angelo’s words, Joy & Pain

One of my favorite D’angelo Records ever. This song evokes emotion. I was compelled to talk about something positive and that’s what this record was. Almost sent me to Gabon… Almost

30 – We Ain’t Ft Tanya Morgan & Keys Of Life Ft Robin Thicke

Inspiration: Tanya Morgan, Robin Thicke, Skin Color, Racism, Hate, Steve-O

Honestly, this Leak was stressful. We didn’t have a Leak. Lol. So Tanya Morgan had sent something over to us to do that week for their project and I decided to take a Robin Thicke sample and get busy. Resulting in 2 leaks. Von Pee went off on We Ain’t.

31 – Sublime Prod by Precize

Inspiration: Spirit of Competition, Steve-O

Ha… Steve came up with a concept of sending subliminals at my homies that’s making noise in the industry. Not to gain a buzz either. Just to show that its a competition and at the end of the day its all love and we can get over shit. No hate. All love. This record wasn’t a diss song. Steve to this day says I shoulda said something about myself. But the reality of it is if u never had a problem with me, the record wouldn’t affect you. It ruffled feathers and to those it did everything is cool. No love lost… Hopefully

32 – Going Nowhere Prod by Precize

Inspiration: Music, Money, Kyle Connaro, Ricardo Santiago

During leak 29 we decided we wanted the fans to be apart of The Leak. So we made fans pick concepts for me to rap about. We got some crazy ones. But two of em stuck out. Rap about being a dollar bill passed thru the hands of different individuals and rap about being a Vinyl, Cd and Mp3. Ingenius. Precize made the beat skip to bring the second topic in. Wild!!!

33 – The Rush Ft Smoke Dza Prod by Ibe

Inspiration: The Rush, Steve-O, Life

Ibe had this beat that was just insane. It gave you that ugly face when you listen. I brung my old buddy Smoke Dza to wild out with me on it. We was in the studio and Steve-O started freestyling saying: “I’m feeling like”. I was like ooooh shit! So we talked about the different rushes people had and I how we felt like at that time. Inspirational like a mufucka!

34 – The Inspiration Prod by Black Friday

Inspiration: Everything!

I had soooo much on my mind when I wrote this. I had wrote it to Lost on Coldplays album but according to Steve it wasn’t “Inspiring” enough. He wanted me to go off and let all of my anger out. Talk about everything. Good and bad. So for 9 minutes. I wrote and wrote and wrote about what was inspiring. Classic.

35 – Swahililand Ft Jesse Boykins & Cocoa Sarai

Inspiration: Saint, Langston Hughes, Jesse & Cocoa’s vocals, Ahmad Jamal

Initially Talib was supposed to do this with me but it wasn’t no drum pattern. I was discouraged and decided to not do it at all. Then Saint was like get Langston Hughes on em. So I decided to drop jewels. Then I wanted a duet. Cocoa murdered. Jesse was in Baltimore!!! He didn’t record his part until 10 on Thursday. I was mad and satisfied at the same time. Its so soulful.

36 – Pick Up The Bass Snippet

Inspiration: Dancing

First single. Nuff said. Made it 8 months ago… Talk about timeless

Mickey Factz -The Leak #35: Swahililand Ft Cocoa Sarai & Jesse Boykins III


The full mixtape with a compilation of the tracks that have been “leaked” the past few weeks will be released Wednesday. Till then check out the Leak #35: Swahililand

Download the link below:


A Message from Mr. Factz:

What does confidence do that talent can't?"

Spoken word is a lost artform... Its safe to say I found it. Over Ahmad Jamal's classic beat I drop jewel's. Poetry style...

Mickey Factz: The Leak #34- The Inspiration


Giant Magazine Article

Hmmm, let’s see. All over the blogosphere, Fader magazine, URB Next 100, BET, MTV, and most recently Giant magazine. Do you think this dude is inspiring enough to make a song called “The Inspiration”? I say — YES. The latest track from Mickey’s series of “leaks” is entitle “The Inspiration.”

I love to surround myself with people who both inspire and challenge me which is why you will find a lot of the people featured on my blog are personal friends of mine. Definitely keep your eye on this dude he has some major things coming up and you will see his name more and more…

Message from Mickey:

“I’m tryna see and achieve what I pursue”

What inspires you? Is it Life? Is it Death? Is it Happiness? Wealth? Women?

Hate? Love? Interesting question… My answer is Music and the thoughts that run

through my mind on a daily basis. From my Understanding, I gained Inspiration,

which turned into Achievement.

Download link below:


The Inspiration (Prod. Black Friday) – Mickey Factz

I definitely feel what he is saying about that work ethic. The only time I really take a break from working is when I go out to parties. I feel uncomfortable if I am not doing something that is proactive in reference to advancing my career. Do not get me wrong I am not a slave or anything I love the media and I love what I do and that’s why I am always working at it. If I stop I feel like opportunity is passing me by. The world won’t wait for you, it keeps going– 24/7. If I could live life without sleeping then I actually would. I am focused on becoming something great, not for the money or the fame, but so I can make an impact on the world and uplift and inspire others.

Click “show full post” to download more Incredible freestyles. Or click HERE.


Currency: http://www.zshare.net/audio/166722165ca87be5/

Smoke Dza- Incredible


FKi- Incredible

AOK Collective - Incredible Ft. Homeboy Sandman, P.casso, 8thw1 and Fresh Daily


The Mickey Madness Continues


The LEAK #32 (from the fans)

Emails from The Winners of Leak #32…

From Kyle Connaro:

Tell the story from the point of view of a record (Vinyl) trying to get love in
the huge era of CD’s (90′s) and how difficult it is for you to do so and the
struggles of being quality but overlooked. Then transition to the same concept
with CD’s and mp3s and downloads…

From Ricardo Santiago:

I would like the next concept to be …. You as a dollar bill and what goes on
as you pass hands… From drug dealers all the way to the big dogs in congress.
Just an Idea…

Both Produced by Precize

Download below:


Going Nowhere (Prod By Precize) – Mickey Factz

So apparently they are calling this the “A Millie” of the undground. Sheesh! I wonder who is going to jump on this next! More incredible freestyles to download after the jump.

Izza Kizza–

James WATTS–

Mr. Mecca–

XV (this one is one of Mickey’s faves)–


The mad rapper comes back!


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