Media Watch: Teen Vogue To Debut Bedding


I have been paying close attention to how Teen Vogue and other Teen magazines are working to stay relevant in this industry of declining sales and declining loyalty. Teen Vogue is really good about making the most of their brand and turning the magazine into more than a magazine, its an experience and a lifestyle.

The magazine is again adding to what they have already done through their itGirls program, their Fashion University, pop up store and recently published career advice book. Teen Vogue has signed its first licensing deal, a multiyear agreement to launch a line of fashion bedding and room decor that will hit stores in time for the holidays.

“Teen Vogue chose bedding as a first foray into licensing because to a young woman, her room is a direct reflection of her personal style: much like fashion,” said vice president and publisher Laura McEwen. “We realized that in selecting fabrics, colors and patterns, Teen Vogue was in a unique position to develop bedding that was based on fashion trends.” And of course there has no doubt been influence from the popularity of their section called “A Room of My Own.”

Society: ABC to Conduct First Twitterview


Yes, you read it correctly, ABC news in an attempt to experiment and blend with the times is conducting their very first twitterview with Senator John McCain. Politicians have been really into this whole twitter thing lately, it seems as if Twitter is to senators what Myspace is to music artists. It’s amazing how many followers they all have. One of the many top politician twitterers is reportedly Senator Claire McCaskill ( with 16,559 followers.
Well. the host of ABC’s “This Week” (George Stephanopoulos) will be conducting the Twitterview tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12 noon. I got wind of this via MediaBistro. Since I am obsessed with the future of journalism and all things media related I thought many of you who may be new to the Twitter world might be interested in this. I just had the conversation with a friend the other day about access and how Twitter and all these other outlets affect the level of access journalists have as opposed to the mainstream public. Literally, fans and followers can speak directly to those that they could only speak to through journalists before, and so with that said, where does it leave the journalist? Why would people need someone to speak for them when they can speak for themselves theoretically? Well, I can’t wait to get back in the news room this summer and get some behind the scenes perspectives from producers and writers.
Nonetheless, I joined twitter recently, so follow me if you are on too.
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