NYC Show Highlights Artists Biggest Goal: Making It


Mamma Imma Make It” is no longer just a phrase for struggling artists & dreamers trying to make a name for themselves–its now being branded and packaged as a showcase series featuring underground artists in NYC.

Started by Samantha Alexandra this is the second showcase titled ‘Mamma Imma Make It’.

“The idea came from being bored in my summer classes and thinking of ways to make some money since I didn’t have time to work,” said Samantha.

“I thought a showcase would be something quick and easy, but everyday that I put together the ideas, I fell more in love with it. I know and have heard extremely talented artists and I just want to make sure they are seen and heard.”

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Atomic Vision: Opening Night With Justin Jay West


They call him ‘young 5 figures,’ and with pieces ranging from $3,500 to $12,000 and showings in galleries from Harlem to Chelsea, this emerging artist is a clear example of being young and doing it.

Last week was the opening night for Atomic Vision, the exhibition of art pieces being shown at the Tria Gallery featuring artists Jay West, Ryan Cronin, and Johnny Taylor. The collection centers around  hard-edged cartoon style paintings, and will be showing through January 7th. One of the featured artist, brought out an overwhelming large following to the debut night, his first gallery opening in Chelsea.

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WATCH: Rye Rye on Music, Fashion and Album


NESHA chats with Rye Rye about music, fashion and a bit about her upcoming album. Rye Rye is a new artist signed to M.I.A.’s label N.E.E.T. Recordings. The 20 year old rapper is also unofficially known as M.I.A.’s protege, evoking a similar out the box sound and style. What seperates this artist is her passion and integration of dance in her performances. Check out the video above as NESHA chats with the up and coming artist about everything she’s been up to, and what inspired her to be more confident in the unique way that she likes to dress.

Triple L Society Opens Shop In Brooklyn


Lawrence E. Nurse, founder of the clothing line Triple L Society opened up his first physical store location in Brooklyn during Fashion Week in NY. The opening of the 69 Lafayette street location was an intimate affair with wine, a DJ and a mix of friends and co-workers coming in and out wishing Nurse well and checking out the space. We caught up with the designer and entrepreneur and asked him how it feels to have his own store after having mostly an online presence for years and what his plans are to get the word out.

Summer Recap: At The Knitting Factory With Blind Benny & More


Its been quite a hectic summer but one of the things that’s dominant about summers in NYC is the overwhelming amount of shows filled with new talent.  Shawn Lawrence James, a young guy from Brooklyn, has an ear for new talent and puts on shows throughout NYC featuring the most buzz worthy up and coming artists.  His last show at the Knitting Factory featured a band called Blind Benny.  The band features a familiar face, Jade who released her first project as a solo act and is now part of a band.  The show also featured Rachel Brown and another singer by the name of Anthony Flammia.

I got a chance to interview Jade (of Blind Benny) and Anthony Flammia after their sets.  Check out the videos to watch a bit of their performances and my interviews with them.

Jade speaks on what she’s been up to since her last EP It’s My Heart, Cookie and the process of branding the new band she’s apart of and more.

Anthony was definitely a pleasant surprise and as a new talent this was his very first interview.  We spoke about what inspired him to get into singing, and his album that he’s releasing.

The next show is in a couple of weeks.  Details and link to buy tickets below.

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VIDEO: Young Guru On Making It In The Industry & Working With Jay-Z


Young Guru showed his support at the Ninth Wonder screening in New York at the Red Bull Academy. Known as the main producer of many of Jay-Z’s hits, Guru tapped Ninth Wonder back in 2003 to work on The Black Album which resulted in Ninth Wonder’s first mainstream hit “Threat.” Guru spoke to us about what it’s like working with Jay-Z in the studio, and also how he feels about new artists. He also speaks on how he feels being known by fans, despite being someone who works behind the scenes.

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