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On the radio


Yup..i was on air and all that….new thing to add to the resume…LOL. And for everyone who doesn’t know Hot 97 is in the room right next to Kiss FM’s so I took a peak in there a couple of time. Tried to see if I could say hi to Ms. Jones….I didn’t get a chance to but I met everyone else at the station. It was so fun, and even though it was eaaaaaaaaaaaarly in the morning (I woke up at 5 am to get there at 7 15) everyone was up and awake and into what they were doing.
Me and Shaila from the KISS FM wake up club

Me and Jeff Foxx from the KISS wake up club

Me and the hilarious comedian Talent from KISS wake up club

Me and the woman with many titles- Raqiyah Mays…entertainment reporter for KISS FM’s wake up club is just one of them….

April Fool’s Day Comedy show with HOT 97

This show was soooooooooooooo HILARIOUS!! I loved it. And I finally saw John Witherspoon in person, live and on stage. He is Ice Cube’s father in FRIDAY and POPs from the Wayne’s Brothers.

also…the show was hosted by Tracy Morgan Michael Sean from the Ms Jones in the morning show on hot 97 did a stand up act…

TK Kirkland was soooooooo funny, his act was way different. It was like he wasnt even trying to be funny.

Tommy Davidson as well as Sommore and Talent from KISS fm performed as well.

The Ave magazine is on stands now!!


It features an in depth story on Police Brutality that also has “additional reporting by Rhonesha Byng” and I also wrote a man on the Street piece about minstrel parties in schools. My first clips in a national magazine. The story really goes into the issue of police brutality and the main writer of the story did an excellent job. I truly recommend that everyone reads it for their own knowledge. There is so much about the police force that you did not know about.

The Art of Love and Struggle


I went to a screening today for a documentary called “The Art of Love & Stuggle.” It was a documentary featuring 12 women- artists, singers- emcees- activists- poets and writers including radio personality and writer Raqiyah Mays, former VIBE editor Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Def Poet Claudia Alick (who was very quirky and refreshing to view).
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Parsons, Party and Photo shoot


It’s late so I am going to rush through this blog.

Friday I stayed at my friend Kina house and we “went out.” Went to a party but did not get in….it sucks being young sometimes. But we looked cute and also saw some CRAZIES in the McDonalds!! And then Bill Cosby drove us home, well not exactly but he was soooo funny and from down south JUST like Bill Cosby. It was also Tangela’s birthday! Happy 18th! Everyone is getting so old now.

Saturday I went to FUSION 2007, the fashion show battle between the two top Fashion schools in NYC Fashion and Parsons. Parsons ended up winning this year. Some of the designs were nice, but some of them, well let’s just say I didn’t get them. Here are some flicks from that: (PS: the show took place in the same room where they film PROJECT RUNWAY!)

Saturday I also went to the photoshoot for the cover for the mag I intern at. It comes out at the end of the month! Look for my byline in there!

Today was hectic, pajama day at school. This boy wore ACTUAL BOXERS AND A T SHIRT!!(more photos coming soon) A lot of scheduling appointments and returning emails and my weekly POSSE meeting. I also had to do some mag work today, proofing the pages. That was cool, I get to see the magazine pages before the entire country! LOL

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