Jade Performs Beautiful Problems At The Knitting Factory [bonus]


Check out this bonus clip from the night Blind Benny performed at The Knitting Factory.  Their lead singer JADE performed one of her throwback songs from her first EP It’s My Heart, Cookie.  Watch as she performs “Beautiful Problems.”

I also had a quick chat with Shawn Lawrence James.  He’s the man with the plan that put the whole show together.  He’s known for putting on intimate shows with up and coming talent on the brink to breaking into the mainstream.  Watch to see what he had to say about how he discovers new music.

The next show is in a couple of weeks.  Details and link to buy tickets below.

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My Secret Passion Has Been Fulfilled


Ha! Okay so almost every female has a “story” they like to watch. My absolute favorite was Passions. I was so upset when the show left NBC and went to some random DirectTV station. Well you know its a dream come true the final episode aired this week and if you are familiar with soap opera’s you know the plots and twists and turns never end! It literally takes a soap opera an entire week to get through one day in the plot of the show.

Anyway I was ecstatic to watch the final episode of Passions. Ethan finally learns the truth about Gwen and she and her mother goes to jail. Teresa and Ethan finally get married! Tabitha gets baptised and is no longer a witch and Kay and Andora or revealed as good witches. Fancy is pregnant with Luis’ child and well everything is finally solved. Its the perfect ending, the ending I have been waiting for!

Check out the first part of the episode below and to view the other parts click HERE.

View the rest of this episode at: http://www.youtube.com/user/eggsouvlaki

The Knitting Factory


I stopped by the Knitting Factory last week to see my friend P. DizZzY perform. The line up also included Kris Kasanova (with his producer Clyde), Fresh Daily, Denim, and Outtasight. I didn’t stay for the whole show but the part I did see I enjoyed. I finally got to see Dizzzy perform because as much as I am familiar with his music I have never seen him do his thing on stage. And I got introduced to some new acts including Kris Kasanova and Denim. Kasanova definitely commanded my attention with his charismatic approach and the whole set up of his performance. He even did a little acting and sat down to get real with us about his struggles. And I definitely loved Denim’s singing style. I was familiar with one of her songs from Vlad’s mixtape- New Elevator Music but outside of that I was not familiar with her. I definitely became a fan after that show. Click “full post” to view more photos and video footage from the night.


Footage of Denim:

Check em out on myspace:

P. DiZzZy (MYSPACE click HERE) also PREVIOUS interview with this blog (click HERE)
Kris Kasanova (MYSPACE click HERE)
Denim (MYSPACE click HERE)

Meet Remo Green


Remo was featured on Life, Society and Style as a “Rising Star” and he is now going to start updating his fans via YouTube with weekly videos. This is his first video and he even gives you a little taste of his singing ability. Some of you may recognize him from his role in the movie Paid in Full, he also models.

You can read more about Remo in our last interview with him (click HERE to read) or visit his myspace (click HERE to go to his myspace). Tell him NESHA sent you!

Obama Fashion Fund Raiser


In honor of Michelle Obama who as of recent has been recognized by the fashion world for her style a group of fashionistas hosted an event– a fashion swap– all to raise money for the Obama campaign. My fabulous mentor Erika Kendrick was one of the hosts. You also got the opportunity to take a professional photo. An organization was there compiling photos of Obama supporters to be published in a book. I was also interviewed by Eirka on camera, as soon as I get that footage I will post it for you all to see. It was a great event. We even had the pleasure of seeing Kersten Stevens perform. She is an extremely talented violinist who actually opened for Barack Obama at a conference recently. I have a video of her performance. Expand this post to view the video and see more photos.

Kersten Stevens:

She killed it for real check out the video I took:

Vlad in the NY Daily News

My homie Vlad aka Hatian V was featured in the Daily News.  He’s a comedian, actor, photographer, man he does everything!  He is an Entertainer.  Check out the story behind the YouTube Haitian V videos and check out his blog http://entertainmentsfuture.blogspot.com/ 

Haitian V creator touches nerve with video skits

Thousands have viewed Brooklyn resident Vladimir Calixte’s social commentary comedy skits on YouTube.

Vladimir Barthelemow Thelonious Rasputin Slocumb Calixte 3rd is Haitian V.
No joke.
If the latter name doesn’t register, you’re not among the thousands of YouTube users who eagerly await the latest video missive from Haitian V, the patois-speaking, 45-year-old Haitian hustler that Brooklyn resident and hilarious urban Everyman Calixte created.
- There’s Haitian V trapping a sexual predator, ambushing the man with a camera “Cops”-style after the man shows up at an apartment carrying two bottles of liquor for a date with a 14-year-old girl he met online.
“It’s not in my budget to chase him,” V says as the man flees the apartment.
- There he is, wearing his trademark fedora and sitting in front of a Haitian flag, riffing in mostly two-minute-long videos about everything from Eliot Spitzer, Britney Spears, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West to the questionable fashion sense of men who wear their pants too low (“In Haiti, they would beat you with a stick!”).

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