Fear (an intellectual AIM convo)


Swain: im surprise we have the same major. alot ppl dont major in anthro. but it helps u have a grounded outlook on life

Me: yea i love it

Me: u look @ the things ppl take foregranted

Swain: yeh. and realize that ppl dont want to succeed

Me: thats how u really know about who a person is. when u know what they take foregranted. cuz thats what they see as normal

Swain: real talk

Me: what u mean by ppl dont want to succeed?

Swain: ppl often say there always busy. they move around alot but dont progress. They dont want to achieve greatness. they are comfortable being a crab in the barrel

Me: thats somewhat true. but i think its mostly cuz ppl r afraid becuz to be successful u need to put urself out there. which is a big risk, and some ppl let doubt and fear of failure paralyze them

swain: that is very true as well
what are ur fears?

Me: i only have one fear and thats failure. but i suppress it and still move forward with what i want to do cuz an even bigger fear i have is to live a life of regret, a life of what ifs….

Me: so i guess i have 2 fears, lol

swain: i c

Me: what about u?

swain: I dont fear much,because i know that fear is what i create its not outside of me. and i used to regret things but then i saw that. if im in a better situation and mind state today then everything of yesterday happened for a reason even the bad.

swain: i get impatient sometimes tho

Me: thats cool but u still must have a fear

Swain: y must there be fear

Me: because its human nature. fear is an instinct for survival. its to protect you and switch on certain physiological responses (like the flight or flight) so that you can avoid dangers

Swain: yes. that is in a situation where fear is triggered in response to a threat. If there is no threat then there shouldnt be fear.Its a difference to live with fear, and to have fear in a situation

Stress Relief in College


I Found Thai In A Box!


I went food shopping today and I see the silver lining again of my vegetarianism. It’s hard on a college campus when there is meat every where and no other options. So I went out and stocked my fridge with plenty of options including these cool, and convenient thai in a box delights! I can’t wait to try them. I love thai food! I also HATE to cook and this is microwaveable! YAY!!

Something To Think About


Its a new semester, and with that there is new knowledge to be attained and new theories, quotes and fun facts to discover.  I am continuing my tradition of putting up “Something To Think About.”  As I explained in my initial posting of this these are just quotes and things I come across as I read my life away for yet another semester.  I recently came across an idea I thought was extremely interesting and thought provoking.

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Its from my communication text book on communication theory, this specific idea is from the theory of Dramatism by Kenneth Burke.  The selection is a little long for the blog readers who like to skim, but its worth a read.
“Burke wrote extensively about hierarchies, bureaucracies, and other ordered systems that rank how well people observe society’s negative rules.  He was convinced that no matter how high you climb on the performance ladder, you’ll always feel a strong sense of embarrassment for not having done better.  The guilt-inducing high priests of the hierarchy are the professional symbol users of society–teachers, lawyers, journalists, artists, and advertising copy writers….The final phrase, “rotten with perfection,” is an example of what Burke called perspective by incongruity.  The device calls attention to a truth by linking two incongruous words.  Burke uses this technique to suggest that our seemingly admirable drive to do things perfectly can hurt us and others in the process.  Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.  Both our success and failures heighten our desire to find someone on whom we can dump our load of guilt.  Burke believed that getting rid of guilt is the basic plot of human drama.”

College Life Part 15: The Second Year


I have been in school for a full week now and I must admit I am loving it. Of course, I am a city girl so there is no place like NY but I love my classes this semester– they all actually apply to what I want to do and what I am interested in. This semester I have classes like Antrhopology of Gender, Individual and Society and Public Comm and Controversy. So, lots of discussion, research and papers which I do not mind when its a topic I am invested in.

I am all moved into my dorm room and classes are going well so far. The only thing is that my dorm has NO air conditioning and of course this week it decides to be 95 degrees during the month of September! (As I write this post I am slowly melting by the way.) My parents helped me move in and for some reason I seemed to have more stuff this semester than last year. I have no clue how that happened but my dad sure did not like it at all, since he was carrying most of it. But I believe in always being prepared.

This semester I am going to be more involved in my campus and connect it to what my goals are ultimately. I am doing a radio show which airs every Monday at 7 PM (listen in www.wgre.org). I am also going to do some other media projects through my school media program that I will tell you more about soon!

The weekend was also pretty fun, the typical parties to kick off the school year and that’s about it.

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The Journey:

Going Back To School…


…so that means:

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and I have a ton of interviews to post for you guys including Rising Star, and an interview with a well known social entrepreneur. So keep checking to stay updated :-)

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