College Life Part 19: Formals


On any campus there are about a million organizations. On small campuses there are two million (almost everyone has their own org). Well, over the weekend I took a break from my studies and my work (I do run a business in case you forgot), and I went to the AAAS formal. Many of my friends are on the executive committee so of course I had to support them. I had a good time, even though I was forced to eat mushrooms!

Nonetheless, it was a night at the museum. Yup, this formal was at the Children’s Museum. So of course we couldn’t resist the urge to play! Check out some of the photos.

That guy was the DJ. He was supposed to be kind of a big deal out where I was, but I had to put him on to the new music. He did not even have Brooklyn Girls! smh…

College Life Returns!


The College Life series returns this week…I have not had time to write it and there are lots of things I need to get out there about this school year! 

Stay Tuned…

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College Life Part 18: I Write, Therefore I Am…


I write, therefore I am…

(A)..a journalist

(B)…a writer

(C)..a college student

My answer could be any of these but since I haven’t been writing any articles as of late the response is C. I write so much at school about so many interesting topics but it’s not doing it for me. I miss writing stories. I want to write about what I want to write about and as long as I am in school I can’t. As I write this blog entry I am in the midst of trying to finish yet another paper. This one is on homosexuality and analyzing the amount of agency one has in regard to sexuality and gender. It’s sort of a summation of the semester’s work while simultaneously analyzing a film we watched. The film was quite disturbing. It referred to homosexuality as sexual brokenness. Words are so powerful. The words we choose to use when speaking, when writing, when thinking, truly reveal our perspectives and ideologies whether we are aware of it or not.

It’s finals week, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while…but I shall return better than ever, re-invigorated once I reach the city that recharges me.

I have a tip to leave you with if you are trying to stay positive during the last tolling weeks of the semester. Listen to MUSIC. And, not just any music. During finals week I listen to a combination of Gospel songs and Old School classics. And when I say old school I do not mean 90′s hip hop, I mean the classics of your grandparent’s era: Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Fontella Bass and The Jackson 5. I do not know what it is but it’s something about that music that just keeps me positive and keeps me going! Oh yea, and you might want to listen to Brooklyn Go Hard once in a while, maybe when you are walking to class to put that battery in your back!

I get my tunes on


Happy listening.
Happy writing.

and finally…
Happy Ending!

Remember they are called finals for a reason. They are the final assignments you need in order to reach the END.

Shout Out to College Candy!


They shouted me out in their college blogger section. I was pleasantly surprised since they posted this a week ago and I just happened to find out by chance.

They said:

2. Society and Style: Just reading about her daily life makes us tired…and slightly addicted.

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College Life Part 16: We Kept The Bell – Monon Weekend


I didn’t actually go to the game this year but I definitely celebrated. Last year (click HERE) I attempted to explain the rivalry between my school and Wabash over this thing called the Monon Bell. Well, this year we won again! It wasn’t even a competition! Also this weekend was an Alpha probate and plenty of parties! You can’t work all the time, so this weekend I definitely took a well deserved break and partied! College style!

PS- And now I am sitting here trying to write a paper, the end seems no where in sight!

2 AM in College Land!


This is what 2 AM looks like on a Tuesday when you are a college student.

I’m trying to write this paper, but its not coming out!

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