Vimbly Introduces Demevolist + two mixtapes


Vimby did a pretty good piece on Demevolist music group. Check it out here:

Demevolist dropped a mixtape yesterday called “Ayo These Niggas Went Hollywood”

Download by clicking the photo:

Also.  I missed this one but Charles had another mixtape drop last week as part of the Hamiltilization Process.  Download a copy of that by clicking HERE.

Chales Hamilton on MTV MixTape Monday


Yessir. Check it out. If you don’t get it by now you better ask somebody.

Check out the story HERE.

Next Up In The Hamiltonization Process: Sonic The Hamilton


Sonic The Hamilton is brought to you by The Smoking Section and DJ SKEE. Download and enjoy. I don’t know about you but I need to have new music every week, just to listen to something I have not heard before.

Download: Here
Read about it: Here



This is my favorite Charles Hamilton track from his latest mixtape. As I strolled across my beautiful college campus, bright with red, yellow and orange leaves all over the bright green grass I became overwhelmed with a warm feeling as the melody and words danced around in my ears. That’s when I realized this is definitely my favorite track from The L Word and my favorite track of the moment.

Maybe it’s because I can definitely picture myself as the girl in this song, since the words definitely fit a scenario I’ve played out many times. I’ll do another post later on on all my favorite songs by this artist but till then check it out. It might be your new fave too.

DSW – Charles Hamilton

I can just picture it in my mind…every scene. I love it.

Latest in The Hamiltonization Process


The latest in the Hamiltonization process dropped this week from Check it out & download it:

Download LINK: The L Word

My faves from this one are:

DSW and Maybeline

Charles Hamilton- Leader of the New Cool


Complex is featuring a different artist everyday this week on their blog from their fall photo shoot with Charles Hamilton, Wale, The Cool Kids and a couple others. But you guys already know the only one I really care to mention on my blog is Charles. Dope video Chuck (I don’t even call you that lol). Anyway, I like how this came out, I even watched it in full screen mode– and I never do that with videos. I’m happy with the outfit selection and I am happy you seem to be getting more into your clothing (even if it’s just a tiny bit).

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