Charles disCharged [ItsTheReal]


I am SO late posting this, but I figured if I have not seen this yet neither have you.  Check out one of the latest It’s The Real sketches featuring Charles, poking fun at himself and everything that’s gone on for the past year with him and the Internet.

Charles Discharged from jeff on Vimeo.

Charles Hamilton: Loser Video Debuted on


I posted the behind the scenes footage from this video previously. Now check out the final product.

Video: Behind The Scenes of the Making of "Loser"


XXL Presents: Charles Hamilton “Loser” Video Behind-The Scenes from XXL Video on Vimeo.

I also saw this on Charles’ blog. He claims it’s the best version of Brooklyn Girl’s that he’s heard. And guess what it’s called? “Aint Nothin Like a Morgan Girl” (shout out to ASHLEY!!!)

Charles Hamilton on Last Call with Carson Daly


Check out the footage of Charles’ debut performance on national television.  This was the first time Brooklyn Girls was ever performed on TV.  Of course, NBC is on the cutting edge even before any of these “music” channels.  He did an awesome job, and the outfit choice was flawless I might add.  The only blip in the piece was the fact that they said he was “22″ when we all know Charles is 21.

Also check out the interview. I laughed out loud when Carson said- “Man I am so happy for you… I don’t even know you.” He recognizes that Charles has come a long way and that line said a lot.

Every Charles Hamilton Ex Girlfriend’s Worst Nightmare [Download]


1-) Esperanza, Keishana and Keana
2-) Shayna, Tiffany and Summer
3-) Toya
4-) Shantel
5-) Brittany
6-) Jenniea, Jamarris and Tricia
7-) Simone
8-) ?

Three mixtapes in the last week. And this is light in comparison to what he has coming up in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open. I mean, people in freakin’ Indiana know this kid! Like really KNOW his songs and I get asked a million times a day about the Brooklyn Girls song.

I wonder what these girls feel about this mixtape though? I am sure they may have spoken to Charles about it, either sometime today, or sometime before. He really openly and honestly pours out his feelings on these songs. He even speaks about getting one girl pregnant and feeling sorry that she felt she could not come to him before she got the abortion to talk about it with him.

Well, see for yourself what the “nightmare” is all about.

Download: HERE

Bonus fun fact: Charles and his last girlfriend Simone met “through” my blog.  

South Paw


While I was in Brooklyn I stopped by the End of the Weak show at South Paw. Headlining was Charles Hamilton. AOK collective performed as well and there was an MC Battle. The show overall was a bit too long but I def liked Charles’ set. At the end he brought all the rappers on stage (mind you most of the people in there considered themselves rappers). It was a pretty dope thing to see.

Check out some video footage below: (videos via madonly)

AND one of my Fave’s- Windows Media Player:

There’s no footage of Brooklyn Girls since my camera died and I couldn’t find any footage of it floating around. But I got the ill shout out during the performance as usual. Yung Nate (who performs with Charles for most of his shows) told me the other day that its weird when they perform and I’m NOT there because then when my part comes he doesn’t know who to look at. Awww how sweeeeeet! LOL

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