Conversation & Controversy Sparked By CNN’s Black in America 4


Advice For Emerging Black Tech Entrepreneurs – CNN BIA4 from ICED MEDIA on Vimeo.

CNN once again hit us with a the 4th installment of their Black in America series, this time bringing to light the disparities of the tech world. This edition, titled “Silicon Valley – The New Promised Land” was hosted by Soledad O’Brien. Michael Arrington, founder of tech crunch and a venture capatilist sparked conversation and controversy with his comment “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur” and stating further “Not enough women or people of color are even asking for funding.”

The response, was divided, some saying he’s right while others grew angry citing dozens of website founders, graphic designers, programmers, engineers and coders they know. The tech world, seems to be color blind, so blind they aren’t even aware of their own bias and failure to provide funding to Black founders. With the growing economic and innovation oportunities evolving in the tech space lack of funding and investment opportunities for Black tech entrepreneurs has become a serious issue.

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Society: Black in America Examines Debt in the Black Community


PLUS: You have the opportunity to view the special in advance courtesy of CNN.  Read on for details. 

CNN’s on going series Black in America is airing a special entitled Almighty Debt on October 21st.  Shedding light on the African American financial situation in America through a church attempting to fight debt from the pulpit, and view debt as the “new slavery.”  
In light of this upcoming special, we received a special offer for SocietyandStyle readers.  CNN is offering advance screening kits to individuals and groups interested in holding their own screenings and sharing their experiences with CNN.  Be it a student organization, religious group, family function or small gathering, CNN wants you to share this special with your world and let them know what you think.
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