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Brooklyn is in his heart and soul and now its in his denim. Embroidered ever so cleverly on the back pocket of his latest masterpiece are some of Brooklyn’s most reputable landmarks. The extremely detailed back pockets are donned with the original hand drawings of Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

“These jeans are very special to me as a designer because Brooklyn is where Bengi Jeans started. Most of my friends, family and customers live there and they were the ones who first knew my talents and saw my dreams. By being the early supporters of my work gave me the extra push and encouragement that I needed to stay focused on making those dreams a reality and I want to thank them by making them a jean they can appreciate as their own.”

Bengi Jeans is sold nationwide but these particular jeans are going to be exclusive to Brooklyn, available only at Vinnie’s and Get Set. The expected release date is November 2009. 
There’s a lot more coming from Bengi Jeans and the designer, Nandy Forbes. Earlier this week Bengi had an office mixer to celebrate his new office in New York City’s fashion district. He announced several of his new projects to some of his clients who have known and grown with him throughout the past year.

Check out the photos:

Style: Bengi Jeans in XXL


If you take a look at the video above you can see Juelz Santana wearing the newest Bengi apparel. It was featured in a spread in the last issue of XXL magazine.

As of late, a lot of you have been emailing and commenting asking where you can find Bengi jeans. I’m happy to see that the interest in this new and independent denim line is growing so fast. Well, for those of you that have been searching, can find Bengi at various local boutiques but you are guaranteed to definitely find them at Vinnie’s in Brooklyn.

New York
160 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn , NY 11217
Ph: 718 636 9787

Check out some photos of some of the new Bengi Jeans:

I’ll be putting up an exclusive interview with the man behind the B soon!

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Benji you are on point for real….When I get back to NY I will update everyone on where to find his latest pieces.

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