Behind The Scenes: Time Out New York Magazine x HairRules [Guest Post]

Eden is a rising star in the performing arts and just completed a successful run of playing the part of Raynell alongside Denzel Washington in the Broadway production of Fences, but she’s not stopping there.  She was just casted as Young Nala in The Lion King on Broadway and has aspirations to continue growing her career as an actress.  Check out her behind the scenes recap of her recent photo shoot with Time Out New York, and her visit to the famed hair salon “Hair Rules.”  Her hair was styled by the famed Anthony Dickey, who specializes in natural hair and has put his magic touch on the manes of the likes of Kelis, Alicia Keys and more!

I could get used to this!
Like most girls there are four things I love to do: getting my nails done, going shopping, getting my hair done and then taking pictures. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP… The paparazzi loves me.
Well what could be better than to get all cutsied up for a photo-shoot? I can tell you. Getting the star treatment every step of the way.
On Monday, I went to DuoKids’ showroom to see the Fall 2010 line of Tiny Pants Kids… now I know it sounds like a baby line but they have the coolest stuff for big girls like me. While I was checking out the Tiny Kids Stuff and pulled a nice plum velvet jacket with a satin ruffle trim (so cute you can detach it and everything)… I spotted in the corner of the showroom something that looked like rainbow clouds.
What were they?

The rave “it” item that everyone from Ming Lee to Dakato Fanning are rocking this year that’s what! Kaiya Eve pettiskirts in every color you could imagine.  Robin Wilcher, the best leading gal over at Duo pulled the bag down and dumped them all over the floor and was like “what do you think?”
I thought I had died and went to MIDDLE SCHOOL HEAVEN! Shout out to Mark Twain!
In the pile of fluff, I saw every color imaginable. But the tourquoise one grabbed my eye. So we decided to pair it up with this really cute Mini Boden Fun Girl shirt in Tourquise and purple. I also snatched up a lovely colored pair of tights from We Love Color and used my Purple rainboots from my own closet. My mom got those for me from one of my favorite stores Zara Kids.
I knew I would be ready for Tuesday’s shoot with Time Out New York.
Maybe I should have said this in the very beginning. I was being shot for TONY Kids because of my work in Fences and my new role as Young Nala in Disney’s Lion King on Broadway. They asked 2 kids from Broadway, 2 kids who modeled and 2 kids on TV.
Before the shoot I went to get my hair done.
I went to Hair Rules-New York. Hair Rules is the salon for celebrity stylist Anthony Dickey who is a master hairstlyist. He specializes in curly hair. He has worked with Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Kelis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Estelle, Alicia Keys and now moi!
He was so cool and so was his assistant. He taught me how to take care of my hair. If you go to his website he has a video of how to do the basics but to really get the d.l. on your hair you have to go to him. He made my hair look really cool and showed me how to maintain the look with his products especially designed to work on naturally curly hair. I am trying to get Rhonesha to try him with me when she gets back to New York. I know she will love him just like me.
From Hair Rules, we went to TONY Kids office and waited to meet up with my stylist Sonya Magett and my friend Nayilah Biamby. We got there a little early.  It was raining so my momma got there like a whole hour early… she is so lame in a like official way…. but anywhoo….
Once Sonya got there, we started to get dress and met up with the photo editor Cinzia Reale-Castello (I LOVE her name!) She made me so comfortable. She told me to smile, jump, be free and whatever came to her mind to get the picture just right.
She let my mom take outtakes too with her camera… which was really kind of weird considering my momma’s camera is slow and was barely getting my jumpshots… get it… oh never mind it’s an inside joke with me myself and I.
Oh I almost forgot, Sonya brought her son Cody and he is a handful and after I was done with the shoot and we were saying our good byes… Cody didn’t want to go so he shot down the hallway and started hiding.
It was a wonderful experience and that is a glimpse of what my life is right now. Crazy. Cooky. But fun! Stay cool y’all and grab on to life. Dream big and then make it happen.

From my star to yours… Eden Sanaa Duncan- Smith.

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