NYC Show Highlights Artists Biggest Goal: Making It


Mamma Imma Make It” is no longer just a phrase for struggling artists & dreamers trying to make a name for themselves–its now being branded and packaged as a showcase series featuring underground artists in NYC.

Started by Samantha Alexandra this is the second showcase titled ‘Mamma Imma Make It’.

“The idea came from being bored in my summer classes and thinking of ways to make some money since I didn’t have time to work,” said Samantha.

“I thought a showcase would be something quick and easy, but everyday that I put together the ideas, I fell more in love with it. I know and have heard extremely talented artists and I just want to make sure they are seen and heard.”

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LIFE: How To Date An Ambitious Girl


With an increase in opportunities for women, its no secret that women today are becoming more ambitious. Even pop culture is taking notice, brought to life by songs like Wale’s “Ambitious Girl” and Beyonce’s “Girls (Who Run The World).” But despite the empowerment happening, one thing is resoundingly clear, some of the prettiest, most ambitious girls are usually single. It’s rare to see a girl on the path to greatness hooked arm and arm with a guy who is also trotting down that path.

The biggest issue? Guys may want to approach these ambitious girls, but fumble and foul in more ways than one. Making assumptions that the girl is busy, and crafting their approach around this idea is the biggest no, no. Check out the list of what to do and what not to do when asking an “ambitious” girl out.

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Atomic Vision: Opening Night With Justin Jay West


They call him ‘young 5 figures,’ and with pieces ranging from $3,500 to $12,000 and showings in galleries from Harlem to Chelsea, this emerging artist is a clear example of being young and doing it.

Last week was the opening night for Atomic Vision, the exhibition of art pieces being shown at the Tria Gallery featuring artists Jay West, Ryan Cronin, and Johnny Taylor. The collection centers around  hard-edged cartoon style paintings, and will be showing through January 7th. One of the featured artist, brought out an overwhelming large following to the debut night, his first gallery opening in Chelsea.

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Kendrick Lamar Rocks Sneaker Pimps


Sneaker pimps, the annual event where sneaker enthusiasts come to sell trade and simply bask in the ambience of a venue full of sneakers. It’s obvious that I’m far from a sneaker enthusiast but acts like Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flocka, Jim Jones, Stalley and newcomers Nyemiah Supreme and Kris Kasanova brought out music enthusiasts as well.

As I walked into the high line ballroom, my expectations weren’t too high, but I was immediately hit by the electricity of the crowd as headliner Kendrick Lamar took to the stage. This marked the fourth show in New York headlined by Lamar, and many in the audience proclaimed to have been at them all. Lamar also brought out ASAP Rocky and the rest the ASAP crew to perform ADHD.

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Conversation & Controversy Sparked By CNN’s Black in America 4


Advice For Emerging Black Tech Entrepreneurs – CNN BIA4 from ICED MEDIA on Vimeo.

CNN once again hit us with a the 4th installment of their Black in America series, this time bringing to light the disparities of the tech world. This edition, titled “Silicon Valley – The New Promised Land” was hosted by Soledad O’Brien. Michael Arrington, founder of tech crunch and a venture capatilist sparked conversation and controversy with his comment “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur” and stating further “Not enough women or people of color are even asking for funding.”

The response, was divided, some saying he’s right while others grew angry citing dozens of website founders, graphic designers, programmers, engineers and coders they know. The tech world, seems to be color blind, so blind they aren’t even aware of their own bias and failure to provide funding to Black founders. With the growing economic and innovation oportunities evolving in the tech space lack of funding and investment opportunities for Black tech entrepreneurs has become a serious issue.

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Headphones For Multi-Tasking Music Lovers


If you take a look around, the train station, the city streets, and even on TV, almost everyone is rocking a pair of “on ear” headphones. But everyone wears the same brands. Dominating the market include brands like Beats By Dre, Sony, Bose, and Skull Candy. So, because I hate following trends and getting “what everyone else has” I decided to try out the new kid on the block– SOL headphones.

These headphones made such a drastic change in the sound they made me want to do the electric slide to “Otis” (Kanye/Jay-Z). SOL headphones minimize outside noise and create an intense and intimate sound experience.  I heard sounds, and instruments in songs I’d never heard before bringing the impact of the song to the next level.  The full sound almost made me forget I was walking down the streets of New York City. But at the same time, they proved to be the perfect tool to deliver the soundtrack sounds of my life, hand selected by my playlist, and put on blast only in my ears.

And, ironically SOL headphones stand for Soundtrack Of Life. Another cool feature of these headphones are their flexibility. You literally can detach the headphone buds, and the wires and interchange them for a different color, a different look, or a different sound. And the cherry on top?– they’re equipped with a music control piece and a microphone built into the wire.  Perhaps the whip-cream on top is the price– these amazingly functional and high quality headphones are only $99.   These clever headphones provide flexibility, fun functionality and affordability– a rarity when it comes to electronics.

SOL headphones are multi-functional and perfect for the multi-tasking type always on the go.  They are available at Best Buy and Apple locations nation wide. Visit for more information.

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