Atomic Vision: Opening Night With Justin Jay West


They call him ‘young 5 figures,’ and with pieces ranging from $3,500 to $12,000 and showings in galleries from Harlem to Chelsea, this emerging artist is a clear example of being young and doing it.

Last week was the opening night for Atomic Vision, the exhibition of art pieces being shown at the Tria Gallery featuring artists Jay West, Ryan Cronin, and Johnny Taylor. The collection centers around  hard-edged cartoon style paintings, and will be showing through January 7th. One of the featured artist, brought out an overwhelming large following to the debut night, his first gallery opening in Chelsea.

“For me, to be here from Harlem, a young black artist and stuff like that, a lot of times you get stereotyped and put in a box early, and I’m just here to fly,” said West reflecting on the opening and what it means.

For the 23 year old artist, the theme, atomic vision, had a personal meaning. “I wanted people to just feel where I was coming from. When I created these pieces I was at a defeated point in my life and I just wanted people to feel that celebration, that’s why it’s called atomic vision.”

With plans of showing internationally and along the east coast, this opening could be the launching pad for a bright young artist from Harlem. “Its just a real big thing its like straight projection to the moon. That’s how I feel.”

Atomic Vision

Tria Gallery
531 West 25th Street, ground floor #5, 212-695-0021
December 1, 2011 – January 7, 2012

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