Addicted to your SK?


Okay, so AIM is a bit addictive. But I have to put my tag team partner Kina (ms. Luv Lern Bank) on BLAST. She was on her sidekick while in the chair at the dentist office! And it wasn’t just a regular check up she was getting a filling. Put down the sidekick people! For two seconds…(ha, I should take my own advice too).

Our Convo:

———————– 5:14 pm ———————–
Luv Lern Bank: Yoooo what yellow taxi u in
———————– 5:20 pm ———————–
NESHA: I was in one earlier
NESHA: I had 2 run an errand
NESHA: For work
———————– 5:24 pm ———————–
Luv Lern Bank: What errand
———————– 5:26 pm ———————–
NESHA: I had 2 go pick up something from a photo studio
———————– 5:32 pm ———————–
NESHA: I’m on my way home now
NESHA: U still there?
———————– 5:37 pm ———————–
Luv Lern Bank: Yea man im in the chair getting wrked on
Luv Lern Bank: Im still on my sk
Luv Lern Bank: Im addicted
———————– 5:43 pm ———————–
NESHA: Lol woooow
NESHA: That’s VERY wild


  • Anonymous

    Danielle Carrington (Edward R. Murrow High School) wrote
    at 1:52am yesterday
    yea kicks are extremely addictive.. i dont even have one and I know this… I’m always using my friends kick for aim, and it is just mad convinient and fun…

    January 19, 2008
  • Anonymous

    Camille Diamond (Fashion Institute) wrote
    at 10:50am yesterday
    Oh gosh.. I can’t even lie… when I got my braces put on, and when I get them tightened.. I have on my iPod and am blastin away on my sidekick… its crazy… MY newest addicition though… is my blackberry

    January 19, 2008
  • shawty lo.. l o l o dey know dey know


    hell yea!!!

    i wont addmit it yet
    im still in deniiiile!!

    January 27, 2008

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