Acting like a Tourist in the City: Charmin, 42nd, Grand Central


Being away from the city to go to school makes me really appreciate everything about it. The crowd, the noise, all the ACCESSIBILITY, anything you could possibly want or need is here and very easy to get to. It is absolutely an incredible and amazing city. After leaving a get together Kina and I had time to kill before heading to a party, so we hung out in Times Square.

We stopped at the Charmin Restroom. Whoever thought of that was a marketing genius. I read and learned all about brands and branding last semester and Charmin really had everything covered in making them a successful brand. All good brands must have a sort of destination for people to go to and EXPERIENCE the brand. And my trip to Charmin’s restroom spot in Times Square was definitely an experience. You come in and go up the escalator and the guy asks you if you have to do number 1, number 2 or number 3 (don’t ask me what that is!). Then you enter into the whole Charmin world. There are plasma screens everywhere with people doing the Charmin Cha cha. There are people on the bathroom platform full of energy with a bullhorn and all. They selected me to be VIP, and we had a “party in the bathroom.” Kina took video footage of that but I will post it later because who knows when I will get it emailed from her. Well look at all the photos we took at the 2007 Charmin Holiday restrooms and the video footage.

Also was in Grand Central terminal for the light show which was pretty cool.

And this is just a random train pic…It was raining so I had to wear a hat (you know naturally curly hair and humidity do not mix well). I love my little Obama tee. VOTE OBAMA!!

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