A Visit to Teen Vogue


So I went up to Teen Vogue magazine the other day. (and of course FORGOT to take pics) And I met a bunch of the editors. I specifically met with one of the senior editors who showed me around, gave me a peek into the upcoming August issue and gave me the exclusive of why Ron wasn’t on the current issue’s cover. It was nothing against Ron but they wanted to do a fold out cover, but weren’t able to do so because of the norm magazine issues that come about. I can’t go into specifics, but just know it wasn’t on purpose, if you even noticed it at all. There are some great articles in this current issue as always. I love Teen Vogue because their articles are so timely, there is a great article in there on Rehab, and about how celeb rehab places are kind of different than the REAL Rehab.

It was fun, and OF COURSE I pitched them a few story ideas. We’ll see if it turns up. I also told the web editor they should fix up a version of the site that could be easily viewed on a sidekick or PDA device. He was like ‘wow, I never thought about that.’ So only time will tell if they will figgure out how to do that.


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    assataSAYS says:
    8:17 AM
    who the hell is ron?

    September 6, 2011
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    NESHA says:
    11:24 AM
    LOL RON is the red headed boy with all the brothers and sisters. He is Harrys other best friend, you know how there are three of them and they’re like a crew? thats like me and raeana being on the cover and youre not on it, but they have you on the inside pages with us…get it?

    September 6, 2011

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