A Post About a Post: Kanye’s Rant (or Explanation) on His Blog


I laughed out loud at this for real. Kanye shot three videos for Flashing Lights (which all did not make sense to me until recently) and the 2 extra ones were released, without his permission. He is kind of upset about the leak and this explains why you could find the videos on EVERY blog but his.

I shot 3 vids for flashing lights cuz I ain’t like the first 2. I loved the 3rd one that I released with Spike and hit the world with that. I actually had Sam Speigal , Spike’s brother and co-orchestrater of THE TOUR MUSIC, do a remix 2 the scary one 2 make the music fit. I planned 2 put it on a DVD later this year. No rant’s here just an explanation of why yall getting those other vids rt now that I ain’t approve and why I ain’t finna post neither on my blog. So I hope whoever leaked them got the shine they was looking 4 cause that’s all they’ll get now. And I know that’s incorrect english but that’s how I talk when I want 2. Oh and I’ve just been 2 busy 2 get at the New York Times for all that his Ego BLAH BLAH BLAH bullshit so stay tuned. For fun, I want yall 2 read this whole post in the Grandma’s Boy JP robot voice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
(via Kanye’s Blog)

Dag homie….I wonder who would do that to you! Well, I also want to give props to JLA Siempre Diva for explaining the third version to me. Now can you explain the first two?? For everyone else who is lost—check out her break down of the meaning of the latest released Flashing Lights video:

I get it…

its like that game Clue…of who did it…

as u can see one of the guys atthe table has a lil paper where he wrote ‘he did it’

n then Kanye goes around trying to find out who’s doin all the wierd things and in the end he gets nabbed…

now for the subtext…

its all about celebrity life and how the pap and the hype is eating these seemingly wealthy and beautiful individuals… and NO ONE knows who did it.. and EVERYONE blames Kanye…

but in the end..


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