A Mighty Heart Red Carpet Premiere


I went with my boss/editor/person I owe a lot too…..to cover a red carpet event. It was for the primere of A Mighty Heart [click the movie title for the official site], on Wednesday. The movie is in theaters on June 22nd. I didn’t stay for the movie since I went to the Jill Scott concert minutes after leaving the Red Carpet, my boss told me it was surpisingly an EXCELLENT movie. The movie did not get much hype and so expectations were low, and the movie was just a real good oscar worthy film. It has to do with the journalist, Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded overseas by terrorists. The footage circulated online for a while and was on the news. The journalist had been missing for sometime and his wife was pregnant. The movie is the story of everything leading up to them finding him and the footage of his terrible murder. Angelina Jolie is in it and gives a rivoting Oscar worthy performance from what I hear. And even though you KNOW what happens at the end, the movie gives you a glimpse of hope and mystery about finding this reporter. The movie is based on a book that the wife of the reporter wrote, so that her son could know the father he would never get to meet.
PS– The photogs there were HILARIOUS. Here is one of them. He was cracking jokes on everyone the whole time. I think he was a paparazzi, even though he kept saying he wasn’t. But he was FUUUUUUUUNNY. That’s me….with the rest of the press.

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