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I must say as a fan of magazines and a lover of print I was extremely excited to read that Esquire’s October cover is going to be digital . Everyone is so quick to say print is dead, but really we are at a point of transition, and transformation with everything media. I wrote a paper first semester on the future of magazines. I did a ton of research and asked a few seasoned professionals and came to the conclusion that 20 years from now magazines will still exist in a physical form, but not the way we are used to today. In my paper I explained there will be some type of device that recreates the physical feeling of having a magazine in hand, but receives a “feed” monthly of the new issue. I wrote a post a few months ago speaking about this paper (CLICK HERE- THE FUTURE OF MAGAZINES). My paper was actually part of a group project and we created a book, and each of us focused on a chapter and mine was the future of magazines providing in depth analysis and predictions supported by thorough research of the future of magazines. It is amazing to me that I am beginning to see my predicitons come to light slowly but surely. When I wrote the paper I had no idea that the technology to digitize a magazine already existed.

This post is quite lengthy but if you are a player in the world of media I am sure you love all this info as much as I do. SO….EXPAND this post to view information on Esquire’s revolutionary cover and to view a video of their EIC speaking of his view on innovating magazines.

To commemorate its 75th anniversary, the October issue of Esquire will feature a flexible electronic “paper” cover that allows words and images to scroll across it—a first for magazines, according to parent company Hearst.

In order to make the cover seem as much like paper as possible, E Ink used a flexible plastic to bind the device instead of glass, which is traditionally used in other LCD devices, Peruvemba said.

Creating the industry’s first magazine with an EPD cover doesn’t come cheap. While Hearst declined to reveal the final price tag, the publisher helped offset the cost by selling the inside cover ad to Ford, which also will utilize the EPD technology.

Hearst is also hoping to offset costs by upping the cover price. The special anniversary issue, only available on newsstands, will sell for $5.99—two dollars more than its normal cover price.

E Ink company– http://www.eink.com/

articles– http://www.foliomag.com/2008/technology-behind-esquire-s-electronic-anniversary-cover

Amazing…he thinks like me:

Some of the covers he mentions are below. I love how the text makes your eyes jump! To view their entire cover gallery clickHERE


  • assataSAYS

    one of my professors was talking about this. whatever transformation mags are going through, newspapers are also going to go thru it. the NYTimes already has some sort of program which allows for you to read the news paper on your computer the same way you would the physical paper.

    July 23, 2008

    yup! Man, I read my paper over last night, its really some research there people would pay for!

    But yea, I dont think that mags or newspapers will ever all be on the computer. But it will go more in the direction of how the AMAZON kindle is, where it is a seperate device that recreates the feel of having the physical thing DIGITALLY. Man, I have a million ideas just WAIT till I am running a mag mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……

    July 24, 2008
  • Crystal F.

    very informative! Thx for this!

    July 24, 2008

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