A Girl Like Me


I don’t know if you’ve seen this but you should…it’s a documentary made by Kiri Davis

It’s truly a shame that these ideas still exist. We are all the same people and we are all beautiful, no matter what color we are. I don’t know if this makes me weird or not, but I never for a second thought that if I was lightskin I would be prettier. Pretty is pretty, no matter what color you are.

Kiri Davis entered a contest with CosmoGirl, and according to sources, she was winning. However, a couple of hours ago when I tried to log on to vote, it had this message:

CosmoGIRL! and Take Action Hollywood announce our Film Contest finalists.
We have determined that the online voting has been corrupted as a result of one or more instances of tampering with the voting process by users. As a result, none of the online votes will be counted, and we will submit all three of the semi-finalists to our panel of experts for final judging and selection of a winner.

hmm…so the black girl was winning and now the online voting doesn’t count for anything?? Wow, if that’s not discrimination I dont know what is.

Also, guys play a role in this whole thing. I received a message on myspace today and here is what it said:

“jus had 2 let u kno dat ur very pretty 4 a dark skin yung lady .i need some 1 like u dark & sexc .keep it up ”

I am pretty for a dark skin young lady?? What is that supposed to imply?

Here is a quote from CosmoGirl on what motivated her to create this:

“The issues my friends and I face inspired me to create this documentary. Through my interviews, it became extremely apparent how European beauty standards still maintain a dominant role in our society. Society imposes standards that affect us all no matter what your sex or race is. I hope the film helps girls everywhere understand that you can’t allow other people to define who you are. You have to define and celebrate yourself. You have to love the skin you’re in!”

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